A guide to Seychelles: where to stay and what to do in Seychelles.

Written by
Juhi Chheda
March 29, 2021

Good to Know

The most accessible island of Seychelles is Mahe with the capital city of Victoria located on the Island. With direct flights from Mumbai reaching Mahe in only 4 hrs 25mins it is a great destination for weekend trip or longer getaways. Mahe also has good one stop flights from other Metros of India. Another huge benefit is Seychelles offers a free visa on arrival for Indians Citizens. 

Where to Stay in Seychelles

Once in Seychelles you definitely want to spend a few nights at a nice luxury hotel, enjoying the good life. Besides Mahe whether you stay on Praslin and La Digue or not is upto you but a daytrip to these islands is a must. Ideally a minimum of 5 nights in Seychelles is what we recommend. At the bottom of this article we have mentioned some top 4 star and 5 star hotels on Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. We also have a separate article about the Top Extraordinary Experiences of Seychelles which gives you an insight into some of the most unique private islands of Seychelles .

Anse Royale, Seychelles
Anse Royale, Seychelles

What to Do

On Mahe Enjoy the Creole food and culture, explore the island and its many beaches. Mahe also has many open bazaars and a buzzing nightlife. Dedicate one day in Seychelles to enjoy the sea, get on a boat, dive, snorkel, kayak, sail! Spend one day just lazing on the beach and by the pool doing nothing, afterall this is a holiday! Add a few more days to cycle around the island of La Digue where you will see no cars, its only bikes, bicycles or ox-carts here and don’t forget to explore the unique and suggestively shaped fruit of coco de mer plantations and takamaka trees on Praslin. 

Another mesmerising thing to do in Seychelles is to see Turtles lay eggs and then see tiny turtles hatch and run towards the ocean for the first time. Did you know there are very few places in the world where Turtles feel safe enough to lay egg in broad daylight, Seychelles being one of them! 

If you have a bit more time do visit the smaller islands around these three main islands on day trips. To visit islands like Grand and Petit Soeur Islands, Curieuse Island, St Pierre Island, Cousine Island and Moyenne Island talk to us. We can help you pick the right one for you and arrange a tour to them.

What to Eat

 As far as food is concerned the local fare is seafood- heavy. Specialties include shark chutney (mashed shark seasoned with bilimibi juice) and ladob (a sweet of savory plantain simmered in coconut milk). However if you are a vegetarian or vegan fear not. We have tie-ups with resorts and hotels who will cater your dietary requirements. Plan your Seychelles holiday with CustomHolidays to experience Seychelles at its best. 

Seychelles Islands, Seychelles
Seychelles Islands, Seychelles

From picking the right Seychelles and Hotels to the right activities and excursions to excite you, everything is customized. Whether it is an Indian Meal or a romantic setup you require we can arrange it all. 

Below we have a list of few 4 star and 5 star luxury resorts in Seychelles as promised earlier in the article. Of course we are always here to help you pick the right one for you, just drop us an email and we will take care of the rest. We also work with many other resorts and hotels in Seychelles.

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