Azerbaijan, a country few had heard of suddenly became the new ‘it’ destination. Many were heading to the capital city of Baku for their MICE trips and soon even leisure holiday crowds followed. After its independence from Russia in 1991 and the oil boom, Azerbaijan was suddenly a rich country and it focused on bringing in Tourism and developing Tourism infrastructure. 

Azerbaijan is seen as a mix of Russian and Turkish cultures. Even though it is an Islamic country Azerbaijan is pre-dominantly very secular and entire capital of Baku has fewer mosques than even one small district of any other Muslim country. To us Indians it maybe interesting to note that this is the region from where the Parsi community may have originated. Infact the fire spewing Yanar Dag or fire mountain and an ancient fire temples are one of the top things to do in Azerbaijan. 

Azerbaijan is also ridiculously affordable and that is another reason it became so popular. The buzzing nightlife of Baku drew many business and leisure tourists but it cannot be denied that the country does offer a well rounded holiday experience at a very affordable price. 

Azerbaijan has beaches and beach resort towns by the Caspian sea, a city like Baku where historic and modern buildings weave a magical ambience for the visitors. Azerbaijani food and hospitality is fantastic and its pomegranate wine is very popular. Tiny mountain villages known for growing fruits and their handicrafts are a must visit as they have been part of the ancient silk route and are full of ancient stories. From snow capped mountains to ski to placid lakes and wildlife reserves to explore, Azerbaijan offers visitors a lot of natural beauty. 

Today Azerbaijan makes a fantastic 4 to 10 day getaway from India with frequent and affordable flight connectivity, easy visas and amazing range of activities all very easy on the pocket.

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