South America


Peru is known for its Incan citadel of Machu Pichu, puzzling Nazca Lines, Rainbow Mountains, the Amazon Rainforest and so much more. 

With its 5000-year history of Peruvian settlement, the country is a complex mix just like its famous intricate weavings. Remains of many lost civilizations, Colonization era towns and modern cities all guarantee a visit here will bring you closer to the past. Even today it’s possible to see the old way of life in Peru’s tiny villages. 

But is Peru only about History? No! The country is a Mecca for adventure lovers!! Just a few miles from it’s capital Lima lies the east coast of Peru, often called the poor man’s Galapagos!  Here you will find fascinating marine life and just nearby are sand dunes to ride ATVs. Not far are vineyards that can be cycled. The Cordilerra Blanca Range, the highest tropical range in the world is full of one day and multiday hikes and opportunities for Mountain sports. 

The historic region of Cusco & Sacred valley offer many an adventures too. Be it sleeping hanging off a cliff in a glass pod or just enjoying a meal there but accessing it through Via Ferrata and Zip line. More hikes, canyoning, river rafting, kayaking, biking everything you can think of is on offer. Then there are the dense jungles of Amazon to be discovered and the Colca Canyon to be explored!  

The country is also known for its culinary delights be it a Ceviche best enjoyed with a dash of lime and slivers of chilly or its very popular Pisco Sour. Peru is also known for its carnivals and festivals. So as you may have realized there is nothing the county does not offer, question is what are you looking for? 

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