Best Places to visit in Thailand

To most people Thailand is synonymous with beaches, inexpensive food & drink and very affordable accommodation.  And while this is true, between all the cacophony and touristy places, lays a relaxed and friendly Thailand. 

What we tell anyone and everyone willing to listen is that please do not discard Thailand as an overdone, sleazy tourist destination. Thailand is amazing and yes there are pockets that have fallen prey to over tourism but there is so much of unspoilt and beautiful Thailand you can explore. Read our article on 5 Secret Places in Thailand you didn’t know existed and you will be surprised how many Hidden Gems of Thailand are waiting to be explored. 

Things to do in Thailand

The list of Best places to visit in Thailand or top things to do in Thailand is endless. But one thing we can say for certain, Thailand has something for everyone, be it a first time visitor to Thailand or a frequent traveler. 

There are so many things to do in Thailand, go Island-hopping in Phuket, relax on the beaches of Krabi, experience the best scubadiving and snorkeling in the Similan Islands, enjoy watersports in Pattaya, explore the forests, temples, mountains and wildlife in Chiang mai and Chiang Rai, enjoy the vibrant vibe of Bangkok and last but not the least the people, culture and food of Thailand. 

If its your first visit or if you prefer visiting the highlights a country has to offer read or article on Top Places to visit in Thailand : Everything you should include in your Thailand itinerary for the Ultimate Thai Experience. And if you prefer exploring off the beaten path then 5 Secret Places in Thailand you didn’t know existed is for you. 

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