Netherlands, to many interchangeable with Amsterdam is home to the Dutch, a small country with big (tall) people. Yes the most popular city and place to visit in Netherlands is Amsterdam. Made popular by many movies, an infamous nightlife and happy brownies, Amsterdam is one of the most visited cities in Europe. 

Most tourists that visit Netherlands stay in Amsterdam and few venture out of the touristy center and if they do it’s on tours to either the famous Tulip Gardens, or on tours to see windmills. Netherlands is relatively flat and almost quarter of its area is under sea level most of its beauty is in its fields and the many lakes and canals. Due to its flat topography and marine climate of mild winters Netherland cultivates a lot of agricultural produce and its one of the largest exporter of agricultural good. These fields especially Tulip fields are one of Netherlands biggest tourist attractions. 

Netherlands is conveniently located in Europe bordering Germany and Belgium. Its easy to reach London and Paris within a few hours by train. Perhaps this is why Amsterdam is often visited on trips to Europe but rest of Netherlands is overlooked for more glamorous neighbours like London, Paris etc. While most people come to Amsterdam for 2-3 nights if you really want to see the real Netherlands stay longer. 

Besides Amsterdam stay in other cities of Netherlands or just explore from Amsterdam on daytrips, eitherways don’t miss out on what the country offers. There are many guides and blogs out there to tell you what to see and do in Amsterdam so we are going to help you with where to stay in Netherlands besides Amsterdam and Best daytrips to make from Amsterdam. Ofcourse this is in addition to spending a few days in Amsterdam. 

It is also important to not dismiss Amsterdam as a city to just party or go to for its nefarious nightlife. The city is much more than that. The canals and cycle culture make for a fun way to explore the city. Its known for its beer, great shopping, fun activities and daytrips and even culture.

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