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Sri Lanka




Planning at trip to Sri Lanka? Read the many blogs and articles about Places to visit in Sri Lanka, What not to do in Sri Lanka, Best places to stay in Sri Lanka etc? And then finally shut them all in frustration because it was like reading what to do in India from a foreigner’s perspective, with things that are probably unique to them or tips that are invaluable for them but for you as an Indian it is not so useful. 

Well we have a few pointers below on top things to do in Sri Lanka for Indians! Yes, because a vegetable market in Kandy or another typical colorful temple straight out of Kerala is not necessarily what we want to see! 

While the idea of a 6-8 hrs local train ride from Kandy to Ella is thrilling to those coming from western countries, especially what with the train having no doors and hawkers coming to sell food and let alone finding a seat, you actually end up having to stand in a way that 4-5 people are touching you, to you it is probably just the everyday commute. Yes the views are amazing and don’t worry, we have tips for you where you will not miss the views and probably even do a bit of the train ride without all the hassle! 

So here Top things to do in Sri Lanka for Indians. 

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