Sri Lanka Travel Tips for Indians

Written by
Juhi Chheda
March 29, 2021


Westerners say Sri Lanka has fantastic accommodation at very cheap prices. Well true but most of these are guesthouses and very basic homestays. They are clean but most don’t provide basic facilities like air conditioning, towels, an ensuite or attached private bathroom. Like in India  even in Sri Lanka the mid-range hotels ie. 3 & 4 stars are not that great and the luxury hotels like the 5 stars will cost you. So if you like you 5 star luxury resorts don’t expect your Sri Lanka holiday to be very cheap, expect to pay at par with India luxury hotels. 

The pool and the outdoor dining area of Petti Petti Restaurant in Mirissa


Even though the food is very similar to the South of India it has a lot more use of fish and egg. So if you are a vegetarian do be careful when ordering. We personally love Hoppers and coconut based curries but the spice level can be a bit much even for Indians at times so be a bit careful. 

Sri Lanka cuisine sea food


Public transport is not air conditioned so if the idea of a non- ac bus or rickshaw is not appealing to you back home, chances are you won’t like it here either. Trains are like train back home, a bit cleaner though. 

The roads in Sri Lanka are great and exploring the country by road is the most rewarding. Getting a good knowledgeable driver over a self-drive is recommended as they know the most scenic routes and actual times versus the map shown times which are often deceptive in Sri Lanka. Self drive is a good option if doing a month long getaway or atleast 20 odd days. For shorter stints a knowledgeable driver is more value for money as he even acts like a guide, plus it’s like driving back home, who wants that stress when on a holiday?? 


It gets hot and humid in Sri Lanka. As you are closer to the equator than back home expect it to be hotter. Do carry an umbrella at all time to protect from the sun or rain. The beaches are scorching hot and the best time for us to visit is early morning or late evenings. Mosquitoes abound so do keep that in mind and many guesthouses and home stays can have a lot of creepy crawlies as they believe is eco-tourism and don’t necessarily spray the surrounding areas with any insect repellents. 

We have mentioned above the top aspects of Sri Lanka that would appeal to an Indian Tourist. Based on your interest, number of day you have, time of the year you are visiting and your budget we can customize the right Sri Lanka Tour for you. Contact us now to plan your Sri Lanka Travel.

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