Malaysia, why is it that this country is so overlooked by travelers compared to its neighbours Thailand & Singapore? It is surprising how people feel the best beaches and luxury beach resorts belong in Thailand and the better manmade attractions belong in Singapore. Borders are manmade, so please stop and consider that Malaysia shares the same coastline and ocean as Thailand! The food here is brilliant and the food scene in Singapore is highly influenced by Malay flavours!

Give Malaysia a chance and you will see that there are beautiful islands, gorgeous beaches, tropical rainforests and wildlife and interesting cities to discover. Kuala Lumpur with its twin towers, Berjaya time square and nearby Batu caves as well as genting highlands feature on every itinerary.  Langkawi with its luxury resorts and eagle statue is also visited by many including day visitors from cruises. But there are many lesser known jewels to discover in Malaysia. 

Read our Travel inspirations for Malaysia below and you will discover Malaysia has a little something for everyone. 

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