Best Places to visit in Switzerland

Switzerland by default conjures images of a romantic couple in the meadows with a backdrop of mountains, train rides and cute little towns thanks to the decades of Bollywood movies romancing Switzerland and likening it to the ultimate destination for amorous escapes aka honeymoons.

Even today there is a section of the population which when asked where they would like to honeymoon would say Switzerland in a heartbeat. And yes, while the Alps are very romantic the Indian traveler is beginning to understand and see Switzerland in a different light. Today it is no more just a destination to travel by Swiss rail in search of love, cows and chocolates.

Today Switzerland is a great destination for nature, adventure, wellness, wine and so much more. Places to visit in Switzerland list far beyond Interlaken, Lucerne, Geneva and Lausanne which are a must do on your first trip to Swiss but there are smaller quieter gems to explore as well.

Even though Switzerland is a small country the list of Things to do in Switzerland is extensive and it is easy to spend a week just exploring the places we mentioned above. If you wish to explore beyond or are visiting a second time then definitely read  Places to visit in Swiss for second time visitors.

Things to do in Switzerland

Most independent visitors explore Switzerland with the Swiss pass or the Swiss travel pass and while the railways are a convenient and easy way to explore Swiss, a road trip can take you to smaller places and allows you to not just enjoy the scenery from the train window but actually stop and take a picture, mental or actual. Another type of holiday that is becoming very popular is Switzerland is a winter holiday. More and more travelers, especially those from tropical countries are flocking to the Swiss Alps to experience the wonder of snow when a blanket of white transforms the most drab cities and landscapes to a magical winter wonderland.

At CustomHolidays we don’t just believe in seeing the place but even experiencing it. So when you travel with CustomHolidays you don’t just buy a Swiss watch for yourself or a loved one, you actually make it with a master horologist! You don’t just visit a chocolate and cheese factory you can opt to make your own customized variation of Swiss chocolate and enjoy a Swiss cheese in the mountains or a cable car gondola rather than just a regular restaurant. So what are you waiting for? Talk to our Swiss travel experts now to plan your Swiss itinerary.

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