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Juhi Chedda
August 23, 2021

Its surprising how most people associate Switzerland with mountains and yet don’t think of it as a place for adventure activites. Today more and more tourists are becoming aware that Europe and especially places like Swiss have so much to offer in terms of adventure. So here we list a few adventures you can enjoy is Swiss no matter where you stay. From mild family friendly fun to heart thumping adventures that will make your Swiss holiday super exciting.

Easy Adventure in Switzerland

Toboggan run and Alpine Roller coasters

Be it summer or winter, Switzerland has Toboggan runs for both the seasons. This is a family friendly activity that is for everyone, is super easy and can be found quite easily in multiple places in Switzerland.
There is even an outdoor Roller coaster at Glacier 3000 which will take you down the mountain at a speed of 40 kms per hour. Sit back, relax and enjoy the views!

Thrill Walk

From Mount Titlis to the Schilthorn, you will find thrill walks on quite a few Swiss mountains and quite exciting but very doable for everyone. Basically these are walks over the valley or by a mountainside over transparent glass and steel bridges  and at times even through steel net tunnels. A high altitude adventure that is super safe with no need for crazy fitness levels.

Sledging and tubing

Sledging is ideally done on snow where you slide down a mountain slope on a sled. In Switzerland where you find snow 365 days a year you can enjoy sledging and tubing on snow as well as on snow free treks for those who prefer avoiding the wet and cold that is a part of snow sledging.

Sledging and tubing in Switzerland
Sledging in Switzerland

Moderate Adventures in Switzerland

While many may consider the below adventures a bit on the extreme side truth is that you don’t really need special fitness levels or skills to enjoy these. Which is why these are perfect to get that adrenaline rush without too much effort.

River Rafting

Well actually this summer sport in the Alps comes in all forms from mild rapids for beginners to exciting grade 4 rapids for adrenaline junkies. Interlaken and its surrounding rivers are perfect for River rafting and this can be a fun and easy family activity or a super exciting adventure depending of the river you pick.  Picking an adventure on rivers when in Swiss is a must, while the mountains are beautiful the rivers gushing trough gorges and mountains are equally stunning.

Bungee Jumping, Canyon swings and Zipling

There are many places in Swiss to enjoy a Bungee Jump the ultimate bungee jump would be at Contra Dam James Bond Style! Canyon Swings are also another popular activity a bit like bungee but some consider it less scary. Both can be done in tandem or solo. Lastly ziplining which is very easy but the high altitudes can make a few dizzy. Also whizzing over a valley with majestic views is unforgettable. Children absolutely love this activity.

Hiking, walking and Mountain biking

It’s a pleasure walking in Switzerland because everywhere you look makes for a perfect postcard picture. The country has many marked trails from Easy to Difficult. Easiest walking that is also very rewarding by the many lakes of Switzerland
Cycling is also fun but first timers need to keep in mind that even slightly uphill trails can leave you winded. Besides regular biking there is mountain biking down dirt roads through forests, mountains and meadows. This is certainly not for someone riding a bike first time but those who are confident with cycles can try some easy trails. While these activities can be safely undertaken by self if opting for more complex hiking trails or bike routes its always better to go with a guide who knows the area well. Weather in the mountains changes really fast and its always better to be cautious.

Paragliding, hang gliding or sky diving

Ok so this sounds scary to most people but in reality you always do this in tandem with an expert. There is not much that you are required to do except have the courage to jump with your instructor. This is the closest you will come to feeling like a bird and no matter how scared try it. After that first leap of faith the entire experience becomes totally rewarding.
Switzerland is probably one of the best places to try these activities as their safety standards are very high and the views are spectacular. While for sky diving the minimum age is 16 years for tandem hang gliding and pargliding it actually depends on weight.

Sky diving in Switzerland

Adrenaline pumping Adventures in Switzerland

While you don’t really need to be a professional to enjoy these adventure activities you will need to be an adventure enthusiast to enjoy them and will need to be decently fit to carry on these activities. Personally we love these and have many clients try them for the first time and come back so happy with themselves for undertaking the challenge.


Hydrospeed is an activity that involves flowing down the river on foam or plastic boards. The sport is also called river-boarding or white water sledging. Here the contact with water is much more than when rafting or kayaking and it can be quite fast depending on the speed of the water. You will also wear fins to be able to paddle or swim better in the right direction.
This is the ultimate white water adventure and you will need to have stamina to be able to hold on the boards, some swimming skill so you donot bang into the stones and rocks in the river. This activity can be enjoyed in summer further inland from Lausanne closer to Sion. Generally children of 13 years or more are allowed but policy changes from operator to operator.

Kayaking on Rapids

This is similar to river rafting the only difference being you will be the only person in the kayak or canoe. While some take to this easily some tend to topple over quite often. However try on a relatively calmer part of the river before venturing towards the rapids and always go with an experienced guide. There is something extremely rewarding about being in charge of your own boat, a truly invigorating activity.

You will need good arm strength to paddle and a strong back to be able to sit in a canoe or kayak for the required amount of time.  If you want you can try this activity on the lakes of Switzerland before you venture into the rivers. This activity is easy to find throughout Switzerland. While kayaking on a lake is suitable for a child 7 to 8 years and above if accompanied by an adult on the river the age limit is higher and differs from operator to operator.

Kayaking on Rapids in Switzerland


This is a fun activity, its like natures theme park with slides, jumps and so much more. Canyoning is slipping and sliding your way down a flowing river closer to its origin. Which means you will have to jump and rappel down waterfalls.
Canyoning is not really difficult but you need to be fit to be able to do all the jumping, sliding and abseiling. Water can tire you out so after this activity you will want to enjoy a hot bath a big meal and indulge in a nap maybe. One thing is guaranteed you will be laughing and screaming in glee throughout. Interlaken is one of the best places for this activity in not just Switzerland but the world! This is a family friendly activity and can be undertaken with children. Usually 7 or 8 years and above can participate.


Caving or spelunking is an activity that involves exploring caves and the underground world. Caving is Switzerland is a bit different from elsewhere because here there are caves that you will enter from the top of a cliff and come out somewhere midway on the cliff face and then rappel down the further distance. Basically you will descend the mountain from inside!
Caving must not be undertaken by those who are claustrophobic as it involves squeezing through some really tight spaces and crevasses inside dark caves. Of course there are huge chambers inside the cave too. You will need to be it to be able to traverse the caves with some climbing and rappelling ability. Caving is not suitable for children.

Caving or spelunking in Switzerland

Skiing and Snowboarding

While it is possible to Ski in Switzerland in Summer also the best time is ofcourse winter, especially if you are a beginner. There are many ski villages that are specially for beginners and have plenty to do if you are traveling with someone who does not wish to Ski or Snowboard. Talk to us to include professional Ski or Snowboarding lessons to your itinerary along with other winter sports like dog sledging, snow shoeing etc. Children as young as 4 years can learn to ski.

Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata is Italian for iron way or iron road. This technique of climbing mountains was invented in Italy where iron ladders and ropes were built into a mountain or cliff face making it easy to climb. Of course you will need good stamina and will need to be comfortable with heights but it is completely safe as you are secured with a carabineer at all times.
The beauty of this activity is that it lets you access mountains that would otherwise be accessible only to mountain climbers. This activity can be undertaken only in summer and happens at various places in the Swiss Alps. We can help you pick the right one depending on your comfort level, this activity is also open to children above ages of 8 but changes from place to place.

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