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Best Places to visit in Fiji

Fiji- where happiness finds you! The tourism slogan could not be more apt. No matter what world surveys say Fijians are the happiest people on earth! Everywhere you go in Fiji there is a friendly ‘Bula,’ hello in Fijian accompanied with a 1000 watt smile. 

The island country has two major islands- Viti Levu and Vanau Levu and many smaller islands. Many luxury resorts dot the coast of the two big islands while smaller islands boast exclusive private island resorts. Fiji can be you ultra luxury private island escape or the place you come to for meeting friendly locals, exploring indigenous villages and making friends for a lifetime.

Things to do in Fiji

Besides its many gorgeous islands and beaches Fiji is also one of the best places in the world for Scuba diving. It is known as the soft coral capital of the world! The oceans here are abundant in colourful reefs and marine life and while sharks abound they too are Fijian. Which means they come smile a 'Bula' and that's it. Fiji has the lowest rate of shark attacks. Infact  stories say that Fijians were blessed by the gods such that they would never be attacked by sharks. 

Fiji offers luxury resorts, waterfalls, cannibal caves, lush forests and of course Island hopping and many marine activities and water-sports but The main thing to do in Fiji is to enjoy the local hospitality. Many Fijians have Indian origins as they were taken to Fiji as British slaves to work in the fields. For this reason many speak hindi and even eat Indian influenced food. Indian Television soaps and Bollywood are extremely popular and every afternoon life comes to a standstill as most Fijians take a lunch break to be followed by an episode of their favourite Indian Show. 

You will find that as an Indian Tourist you are received with such genuine love and affection that you will not want to leave this Island Paradise! 

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