Middle East


The Sultanate of Oman! Makes one think of royal sultans with domed palaces, riches laden souks & bazaars, Bedouin camps in the middle of the desert, magic carpets and genies!

Only a 3hour flight from Mumbai and Delhi, Oman is not far but still eons away, it’s like stepping back in time. Oldest independent states of the Arab world, Oman is more traditional than its flashy neighbors but not conservative. Oman stuck to its Bedouin routes and kept its sleepy fishing villages and mountaintop hamlets not exchanging them for steel & glass towers. 

Besides its strongly preserved and prided culture and heritage Oman is also a very beautiful country. There are sandy deserts, glistening beaches, marine life rich seas, verdant wadis and gorges, fjords and rustic mountains to be discovered. 

Infact if nature, culture and heritage is what you prefer Oman gives its glitzy neighbors like Dubai and Abu Dhabi a run for their money. Come to explore the natural jewels of Oman and to travel back in time by visiting the quieter villages. Read our article on Things to do in Oman + some CH Specials  and you will be pleasantly surprised with what Oman has to offer.

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