Frequently asked Questions

Is it cheaper booking through a travel agent than doing it myself?

Customized & bespoke travel isn’t going to be the cheapest option – that’s the truth. But do consider the clothing industry as a parallel where not 1 size or style cannot fit all. Similarly, think of us as tailors of haute couture, we personally get involved and put in lots of care into fine-tuning your itinerary to make sure it fits you perfectly.‍Your holiday is not just hotel bookings done online and tours booked on platforms which bunch 50 of you’ll together. We design your holiday based on years of insight, knowledge and experience. Our access to a global network of partners means that we can leverage those relationships with local partners to ensure that we provide you with an experience that’s beyond the routine and quite frankly, positively surprising – whether it is getting you access to a limited number of visitors per day historical site or knowledge of the locals’ favourite bars in Barcelona.Our (possibly) higher premium reflects all the intimate knowledge we provide, the value-added ideas, expertise that go into your itinerary – as well as our 24/7 support, logistical expertise, and our attention to details. In short, a holiday with CustomHolidays is worth it!‍

I've got a certain budget in mind; can we work it out within that?​

We actually encourage all our clients to share their holiday budgets with us so that we can suggest the best possible ideas in that budget. Clarity on budget helps both - you and us. We do hope that your budget is reasonable in terms of the destination, trip duration and what you're seeking. While we specialize in providing a unique experience, we do our best to match the luxury you are seeking with your budget.‍

Do you book airbnbs as part of the trip?​

No we do not. Airbnb has an independent agreement with home owners wherein we, as travel agencies have no jurisdiction – therefore, if we book an Airbnb for you and at the last minute, the host decides to cancel the reservation – we cannot do anything about it. ‍ However, almost 70% of the inventory seen on Airbnb is now available to us to book through other channels – therefore, it is possible that the same property can be booked by us through another channel besides Airbnb. Also, given the COVID-19 concerns, we're only working with hotels/resorts/lodges that eliminate the risk of a virus as far as possible. Our partner hotel chains, boutique hotels and apartments have set protocols and tie-ups with world-class sanitization companies to provide the highest level of safety and security for you.‍

Do you book my flights, visas and travel insurance as well?

It’s completely upto you. Should you want to book flights, insurance and do the visa process on your own, it’s totally fine with us. Or you can leave it all to us and save yourself the stress. Just let us know. With regards to Visa, there maybe some countries where we can provide guidance and information, but we cannot arrange your visas for you. ‍

Do you plan short breaks or do you only specialise in big trips?

We arrange trips of any length / complexity and intensity. So if you’re looking for a quick domestic weekend getaway or a multi-month trip to the other side of the world, we can plan and execute both of the trips with equal ease. ‍

What happens after I book?

Once you have finalized your itinerary, given us a go ahead to proceed with bookings we will confirm everything with our local suppliers. As you get closer to the departure date and have made your final payment, we’ll send through your final travel documents and give you access to your personalized app which contains information about your destination, your travel vouchers and our special inputs and suggestions. We are always present to answer any last-minute questions that you might have

How long will it take to plan my trip? How does the process work?

In most cases, you’ll have your initial itinerary within a couple of days. - First,Contact us by email or call us - we will have a few questions to better understand your travel requirements - Allow us time to work on a customised tailor-made plan for you - Let us know if you require any fine tuning done to your itinerary - Once you are satisfied with the plan, we book the said services - Enjoy a fantastic holiday If your needs are more complex then this process can take a little longer. At the same time if you’re eager to travel ASAP then we can get you from enquiry to flight within a matter of hours‍

What are the benefits of having Custom Holidays plan my trip? How are you different from the other travel agencies?

We are a company where every trip is infused with heart and personality. We do not have set departures or fixed itineraries, and nothing we do is for-the-numbers. We’re a small company, who love to travel, and are dedicated to creating unique, exciting, and often life-changing adventures for our clients. Speak to us to hear immediately our passion for knowing our destinations like the back of our hand, finding the perfect hotels & restaurants, and engaging with people and communities. There’s nothing we love more than sharing this passion, love and knowledge with you.‍

Can the travel ideas featured on your website be adapted or are they set in stone?

All of our itineraries are completely tailor-made from scratch. Those on our website are there to provide inspiration, and to give you a taste of what we can do. As soon as we’ve had our initial phone conversation, our Travel Expert will begin to tailor and mould an itinerary around what you want.‍

How it works?
Step 1
Call us or contact us by Email

Step 2
We will have a few questions to understand your requirements better. Allow us time to work on a customized plan for you
Step 3
We tweak and perfect the sent plan to your satisfaction before making the bookings.
Step 4
Enjoy a CustomHoliday. Always Travel Better!
Step 1
Call us or contact
us by Email
Step 2
We will have a few questions to understand your requirements better. Allow us time to work on a customized plan for you
Step 3
We tweak and perfect the sent plan to your satisfaction before making the bookings.
Step 4
Enjoy a CustomHoliday, always Travel Better.

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What are People saying?

Pallavi and Hriday Dalal

Custom holidays has planned our numerous travels in the most delightful way catering to our taste, comfort and giving their insights and recommendations to make the experiences even richer. Juhi and Vikram always ensure that everyone in the family or group gets to do something of their interest on the holiday!

Karan Khanna

Juhi and Vikram as a team do a phenomenal job in curating luxury experiences for my entire family. They keep up with the latest trends and hotels across the globe and do an excellent job understanding our requirements and finding something that surpasses our expectations. They provide very personalized service whether it's a vacation with our 3 year old, a couples trip or a complete fam-jam.

Rajesh Duseja

When I decided to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary in Maldives, a friend recommended Vikram Chheda of Custom Holidays for my hotel booking as they had had a pleasant experience with him. I'm really glad I called Vikram as it was an absolutely wonderful experience dealing with them. I have made hotel bookings through various agents earlier, who's job in this regard normally ends once they send me the confirmation. With Vikram it was a completely different personalised experience.

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