Best Places to Visit in Greece

Every Greek Island can be listed under Best Places to Visit in Greece but considering the nation has over 227 islands we decided to narrow it down for you. The party island of Mykonos & romantic Santorini are among the most visited Greek islands followed by Crete, Corfu & Ios. Zante/ Zakynthos' and it's ship wreck beach is the world's most photographed beach!

Corfu, which is closer to Italy and more popular with Cruise ships offers many adventure activities. Ios, Naxos and Paros on the other hand are located closer to Mykonos & Santorini and are becoming more and more popular. Crete is the biggest Greek island and is known for its fantastic beaches, wild landscapes, fantastic cuisine & warm hospitality. Rhodes, located closer to Turkey is popular with day-tripper from Turkey.

Greek Mainland is often overlooked by most tourists except for the the capital city of Athens which is used as a hop off point for the islands. Some of the must visit sites on the mainland are the ancient monasteries of Meteora perched on natural rock pillars, the Corinth Canal, the very picturesque and walkable city of Thessaloniki and the very classy Peloponnese seaport retreat of Napflio.

Things to do in Greece

Things to do in Greece are Island Hopping in Greece, catch a Santorini Sunset, party away in Mykonos, Ios or Paros, explore the beaches of Crete and don't forget to see the Acropolis of Athens all light up at night while you dine on a rooftop restaurant. Now the not so obvious, explore sea caves and cenotes, walk the gorges, learn the exciting history and mythology, learn to make the perfect greek salad, ride a donkey and the art of Mesimeri- Greek Siesta. Oh and if you can afford to splurge then opt to stay in swanky, insta-worthy island hotels!

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