Best Places to visit in India

Incredible India is full of tourist attractions and many interesting places to visit. It would be difficult for you to even visit the top 10 tourist destinations of India in one trip and do them all justice. What we suggest is either you visit the top 10 places in a particular geographical region of India, or make a list of must see places in India that appeal to you specifically and try to work an India itinerary around it. We are always available for consultation to help plan your next India Holiday.

Things to do in India

Along with the country even tourism in India is developing at a rapid pace. You will find many international travel experiences that can now be experienced in India and that too with a healthy dose of the Indian touch making it Incredibly Indian! One such area is adventure tourism in India. From Scuba diving in the Andamans to skiing in the Himalayas, at CustomHolidays we have some of the best adventure activities in India to offer you!

Indian food and culture is world renowned. We can now arrange visits for you to explore the food trails of India or to undergo immersive cultural experiences in India. Some of our favourites are walking the spice trails of south India with a local born, certified naturalist, or celebrating colourful festivals of India like holi with the royal families of Rajasthan at their Havelis or staying the night in an Indian heritage hotel which was home to famous poets and authors and hearing their stories over dinner with the owners!

We offer you an array of top Luxury hotels in India to Insta-worthy Boutique hotels and home stays in India. Escape on a weekend getaway from the top cities of India, plan a road trip in India or explore the top tourist places in India with CustomHolidays and you are bound to get the best travel advise and travel suggestions from our India Travel Experts.

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