Best Weekend Getaways in India to satisfy your wanderlust

Written by
Juhi Chheda
August 23, 2021

We have listed below the Best weekend getaways of India that will satisfy your wanderlust for a short period and give you the much needed boost of ‘la dolce vita’ before you get back to your busy schedules and routines.

Some of these places are easily accessible and hence can be listed as the top weekend getaways from major metros of India. Some maybe a bit tougher to access and can be a good choice as a destination to visit for long weekends in India. However what they all are is Boutique hotels which aspire to be eco-friendly, source locally and practice responsible tourism.

Boutique charm goes a long way compared to marble lobbies and polished veneers which could mean you are anywhere in the world. But these hotels listed below deliver rustic luxury that leaves an impression and a memory you tend to recall and crave every time you think of a getaway.

Coastal getaway in India: Coco Shambhala

This all-villa property is boutique luxury at its best. At Coco Shambhala, you won’t find gilt and marble of corporate 5-star chains but rather organic and local materials used with a sense of aesthetic to lend rustic luxury to their property.  

They have two different hotels, Coco Shambhala Luxury Villas is located in a quiet and green corner of North Goa close to all the major restaurants and shacks but far enough that you can escape the bustling hoard of tourists. The other one, our absolute favourite is Coco Shambhala Villa Hotel Sindhudurg located about 3 hours drive further north on the coast in the Sindhudurg district. This is an unspoilt piece of the Konkan coast. The property is built on a slight hill and so every one of their villas has sweeping views of the sea and huge private infinity pools.

All villas at both properties have two bedrooms so it is a great choice for families or two couples looking to getaway. The food is fabulous with many local dishes on the menu.  The ofcourse offer international cuisines also but the farm to table concept is strong and supermarket imported produce is expertly substituted with local ingredients.

If you are looking to party or visit the many restaurant's Goa offers then their villas in North Goa are for you. Although if your idea of a perfect getaway is untouched coastlines, miles of sweeping sea views and not another soul in sight then we at CustomHolidays strongly recommend Coco Shambhala Sindhudurg. Our favourite is a split stay at both their luxury villas. A few nights at Coco Shambhala Luxury Villas to enjoy the day in peace and visit the shack culture and many bars of Goa at night to be followed by some peace and quiet at Coco Shambhala Villa Hotel Sindhudurg make for the perfect weekend getaway!

These boutique luxury villas are also a great idea for family or friends get-togethers, corporate retreats and celebrations like milestone birthdays or anniversaries.  Talk to us for the best deals and immersive itineraries built around these fabulous boutique luxury villas.

Wildlife getaway : Reni Pani Lodge, MP

Always dreamed of an African Safari with exciting animal sightings, luxury tents to sleep in, rustic campsites, sundown drinks by an animal watering hole and tables set under the stars for dinner? What if we told you you can do all of this the coming weekend, right here in India! Add to this a dense tropical Jungle spread over mountains, ravines, flatlands and rivers and you probably have something better than an African safari, you have a cross between an Amazon forest adventure and an African Safari!

This is Reni Pani Jungle Lodge, an exquisitely designed conservation and wildlife-focused lodge located close to the Satpura National Park, the largest tiger reserve in Madhya Pradesh. They have tented accommodation around an annual animal watering hole to allow you animal sightings straight from your accommodation as well as beautiful cottages. Meals are inspired by the land and the hospitality is impeccable. Private butlers take care of all your needs and knowledgeable Naturalists accompany you on your excursions. Here the focus is not only on tiger sightings but on enjoying the jungle.  The abundance of Reni Trees (a type of berry after which the lodge and village are named) also attracts a number of sloth bears and birds to Reni Pani. You will also see many birds like  Black Naped Orioles, Malabar Pied Hornbills, Crested Hawk Eagles, Grey Headed Fish Eagles and mammals like the Sambar Deer, Nilgai, Gaur, Four-horned Antelope, Muntaj, Indian Giant Squirrel and if lucky even the Sloth Bear, Leopard, Tiger and Wild Dog.

Reni Pani focuses on non-motorized ways of exploring the landscape by offering walking, canoeing, cycling, and camping safaris apart from jeep and motorboat excursions to see wildlife.  Besides staying at the Reni Pani Jungle Lodge we have immersive wildlife and camping experiences designed for you. Book with us to explore Satpura’s hilly and undulating terrain, cascading waterways, sprawling teak forests and pristine tiger country on foot!

GlenburnTea Estate

They say there is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea. So whether it is your troubles or your humdrum daily routine you wish to escape what better place than a heritage tea estate, perched high in the Himalayas overlooked by the mighty Kanchenjunga Mountain range.

Glenburn Tea estate was started by a Scottish tea company in 1859 and then passed on to one of India’s pioneering tea families who have the third and fourth generation carry almost a century of tea knowledge in their inheritance and invite you to experience this legacy at Glenburn.

The “tea estate” experience was inspired by the vineyards of Europe where one sees the grapes growing and then sees the entire process of making wine. The owners were inspired to open their own tea estate for tourists who may be interested in knowing about how a tea leaf makes it to their teacup. At Glenburn they also grow fresh herbs, spices and many fruit and vegetables, making the experience a “foodie” one as well, with an emphasis on using local ingredients to create mouth-watering, unique menus. With 1000 acres of private forest, and two rivers running through the estate, is a wonderfully peaceful place to stay and offers a unique holiday experience.

So what are you waiting for? Whether it is a nice cup of tea you want, a hike in the tea plantations and around, spa therapy, relaxation or visits to Darjeeling & Kalimpong, Glenburn is the perfect pick for you. Drop us a line and we will get your customized cup of tea, Ummm we mean holiday brewing!

Suryagarh Jaiselmer

Rajasthan is the land of Rajput Places and Havelis and while many of these places have been converted to hotels some standout, like Suryagarh, Jaiselmer. Maybe it’s the location on the ancient silk route and eons it trade and stories it witnessed, maybe it’s the beautiful vistas of the Thar desert or maybe it's their intuitive and genuine hospitality. A stay at Suryagarh is truly a royal palace experience.

The Suryagarh experience begins with a royal escort from the airport/ bus or train station, a traditional welcome by a pundit and an aarti, beautifully appointed rooms overlooking the desert landscape and tables laid with traditional delicacies. But it does not end there. The specially curated experiences like a dinner in the sand dunes and a breakfast with peacocks or a halwais feast for breakfast go a long way to making the experience unforgettable. If you wish to see the sun sink into the desert sands against a backdrop of pink and orange skies then Suryagarh is the place for you.

At CustomHolidays we add interesting excursions to nearby Jaiselmer and other villages to make your getaway truly a royal desert affair.

Fratelli wineyards

Maharashtra is India’s wine country and whenever we miss Europe and their vineyards we take off towards Nashik and the surrounding vineyards. Some of the best times we have had have been at lunch after a wine tasting has left us giggling and high.

We somehow prefer avoiding Sula with its expensive stay and hoards of people. A nicer, quieter option is the Fratelli vineyard. They have only 4 bedrooms with one common living room which makes it the perfect getaway for families and friends. Basically, you have the entire place to yourself.  

What is great is that their Master winemaker, Piero Masi is a Tuscan with winemaking etched in his soul. Fratelli is India’s largest privately owned wine estate of 240 acres and just a 6 hr drive from Mumbai and a 3-hour drive from Pune. Besides wine tasting and a tour of the vinery, you can enjoy cycling and ATV rides through the vineyard. Pack some food and a bottle of wine and you have a vineyard picnic!

The food is local Maharashtrian fare or Italian delicacies. The farm to table concept is strong here and the philosophy is that India can deliver the best from its soil is their endeavour. From Sparkling wines to robust reds and refreshing whites as well as rose, they make them all. Each stay comes with a complimentary wine tasting session which is great for first-timers and if you are a connoisseur you can opt for wine tasting sessions that concentrate on specific type aka red, white or rosé blends.

Maharashtra, Mumbai
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