Best Places to visit in India in November

Written by
Juhi Chheda
August 23, 2021

Places to visit in India in November for culture vultures:

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Varanasi is one of the oldest settlements of the world and it receives a huge crowd of tourists who come to witness the ghat or holu riverbanks, age-old temples, ashrams and most importantly the divine presence of the Holy Ganga River. In November, festivals like Dev Deepawali or Ganga Mahotsav are celebrated. Vibrant cultural events are held in November. The last day of this festival marks the most attractive part when thousands of earthen lamps are floated down in River Ganga.

Camel Fair in Pushkar (Rajasthan)

Pushkar is a religious town in the heart of Rajasthan known for the Pushkar Mela or fair. Also called the  Camel Fair where around 50,000 camels take part besides horses and other cattle. The Puskar Mela is undoubtedly one of the best things to see in November and claimed to be one of its kinds in South-East Asia.

These camels are dressed in colorful ornaments and clothes and are taken to walk in ramp, take part in the race, and traded as well. The Puskar lake is also considered an important pilgrim spot. Besides the festivities tourists appreciate the cooler temperature of November. Besides the cattle shows and trade activities like hot air balloon, dune bashing, camel rides and tent stays with evening entertainment make for a fantastic adventure and culture filled holiday.

Places to visit in India in November for Food Enthusiasts:


Hyderabad is a historic city known for its many monuments, museums, and mosques. From historical monuments and museums to mouth-watering cuisine, appealing shopping and thrilling entertainment parks, this city has it all to keep you entertained.

The Taj Falaknuma Palace is a heritage hotel worth a stay if you can afford it and offers fantastic food besides the lavishly appointed suites. Places like the Golconda Fort, Nizam Museum, Charminar, etc. are on all tourist itineraries but most come here for the famous Hyderabadi Biryani and kebabs. We arrange special food tours of Hyderabad so talk to our travel experts before you plan a trip to Hyderabad.

Places to visit in India in November for Nature & Wildlife Enthusiasts:

Bharatpur (Rajasthan)

A paradise for birdwatching, Bharatpur turns to be a hotspot for migratory birds in November. As winter approaches, birds from neighboring countries migrate to Bharatpur. Birds from the countries like Siberia and Central Asia take plights to Bharatpur in this season. Among the most notable species, you can see Cranes, Pelicans, Geese, Wagtails, Pipits, Flycatchers, and countless more.

Agra with its Taj Mahal is a short drive from here and so are Delhi and Jaipur, making Bharatpur really popular with those who visit the golden triangle of northern India.

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