Singapore, once a sleepy fishing village and then a British Colonial trading Port is today one the top cities of not just Asia but the world. When it comes to tourism the country is constantly reinventing itself and keeps coming up with new attractions for visitors to come and enjoy Singapore again & again. 

The Singapore Zoo, Universal Studios Singapore, Sentosa Island and Gardens by the Bay feature on every Singapore itinerary. Today Singapore is one of the top destinations for families to visit. It is clean, safe and constantly trying to be very green. 

Many visit for business as it is the epicenter of trade in Asia and has many foreign investors. Singapore serves as a hopping point for many cruises in Asia as well. The city is also known for its food drawing flavours from its multi cultural people. Indian, Malay and Chinese dominate not just the population but even the food. 

Singapore is constantly voted as one of the top cities of the world and also the most expensive. What many don’t realize is that it is also a great city for couples and romance. Read our articles below to see a different side of Singapore and if you would like an itinerary click here. 

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