Botswana is probably not the first country that comes to your mind when you think of your next holiday destination. However it should, let us tell you why. Located in Africa Botswana often gets overshadowed by its neighbour South Africa when it comes to tourism. 

This land-locked country is a fascinating mix of the vast Kalahari desert and wildlife. Botswana does nothing in small measure. Its Makgadikgadi Salt Pans are the largest in the world, the Kalahari is the largest Game Reserve and the Okavango Delta is considered the largest inland delta!

Your travel experiences in Botswana will feature around wildlife and Nature. Besides usual jeep safaris Botswana offers more unique and non-motorised ways to view wildlife. Horse safaris and Moroko ( canoe) Safaris make your wildlife experience even more thrilling. 

The fact that the country is not the most common destination makes it more special. Botswana Government intentionally limits the number of visitiors they welcome in order to prevent overtourism. This means you will be a privileged few allowed to experience the country in some of the worlds most untouched and pristine reserves!

Infact Botswana is the most eco-friendly country in Africa. As per the tourism board guidelines all lodges should be able to deconstruct within 24 hrs leaving no trace behind. This means no brick, mortar or concrete construction, only materials that have as little impact on the environment as possible! Now here’s a wildlife you can enjoy with your conscience intact. 

You must come to see what its like when  nature is left free and wild. 38% of the country’s land is officially protected allowing wildlife to roam free. Here is a shining example of sustainable tourism going hand in hand with social development and economic growth!

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