Netherlands: Places to stay beyond Amsterdam

Written by
Juhi Chheda
March 29, 2021

Yes it’s one the most visited cities not just in the Netherlands but in Europe and yes you must spend a few nights here but there is more to do in Netherlands!! Also it is expensive to live in the touristy center and if Best Daytrips from Amsterdam has inspired you and you plan to spend a few days exploring outside Amsterdam it would make sense to be based out of a cheaper city for those nights. 

You will pay less, see more and if we plan it for you even waste less time in transit. 

So out first pick is the city of Rotterdam

Rotterdam is Netherlands second largest city and should be your first choice if you love quirky architecture. Infact the city looks best at night with all its strange buildings lit up so definitely visit after dark.  

Besides the attractions in the city and its very cool vibe Rotterdam is very well connected to other parts of Netherlands and infact some daytrips like to the Hague, Gouda, Efteling and Belgium are much easier from here rather than Amsterdam. 

Rotterdam, Netherlands
Rotterdam, Netherlands

One of the must do is visiting the windmills of Kinderdjik. These windmills have a UNESCO World Heritage status and today nineteen beautiful windmills, built around 1740, stand here as part of a larger water management system to prevent floods. Today, they symbolize Dutch water management. Our favorite is reaching here by a water taxi and cycling around and we can help you do the same on a DIY tour or with an experienced guide. 

An architecture tour will be an eye opener too and the food and nightlife is also great. Definitely consider to make Rotterdam your base for a few nights when in Netherlands. 

The Hague honestly is only for those who have extra nights to spend in the Netherlands. Instead some really cool places to spend a night in the Netherlands are on a typical river boat. It’s an experience in itself to live on a boat and while they are as expensive as a hotel room in Amsterdam there are quieter and more value for money options in cuter towns and villages of Netherlands. 

In Netherlands you can even live in a Crane Hotel!

A harbour crane has been converted to a luxury 5 star hotel. Each suite is split over two levels (basically a container divided into two levels) and decorated tastefully. You will have wonderful views and a unique living experience. The upper deck of the Crane Hotel, guests can relax in the heated spa pool (surcharge) overlooking Amsterdam. 

Another thing many don’t realize is that you can actually stay in a Chateaux or a castle in Netherlands. They are smaller and cuter than those in France and Germany and even cost lesser. Besides these Netherlands has many glamping options and even some windmills you can sleep a night. 

Kinderdijk, Netherlands
Kinderdijk, Netherlands

Wadden and Frisian islands are our favorite place in Netherlands to get away from it all. Few even know about these islands and they are where the sea and nature rule supreme. The beaches here are beautiful but the winds can get strong. There are camping options, a few hotels and hostels to spend the nights. By day cycle, hike the mud flats( and do it with an expert or the incoming tides will wash you ashore), explore the marine life and wildlife or even the beach clubs with thumping music. Terschelling, Texel, Schiermonnikoog, Vlieland and Ameland constitute these islands, an environmentally protected Unesco World Heritage Area which may not be around too long due to rising sea levels so visit before they are gone.

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