Offbeat places in Peru to add to your itinerary

Written by
Juhi Chheda
March 29, 2021

You may have read about the usual places to everyone visits in Peru in our article How many days should I spend in Peru and can I combine it with another Country in South America? Here we will mention some lesser known or less visited gems. It’s always best to talk to our travel expert to plan your trip. 

The Amazon Rainforest

Perhaps not the most offbeat, but many associate Brazil with the Amazon and don’t realize the mighty forest is spread across other countries like Peru as well. Infact there are two gateways to the Amazon in Peru. One is closer to Cusco, called Puerto Maldonado. Commercial mining in the nearby area however means nature does not thrive here as it used to but even then efforts are being made to protect the forest and one can see many Amazonian wonders here. 

Another gateway to the Amazong is Equitos. Its towards the North of the country and can be reached by a flight from Lima. From jungle lodges to luxury river cruises, Equitos offers visitors everything. This area of Amazon is specially known for its colorful macaws feeding on limestone walls by the river. 

A 2 to 3nts in either of these places is a minimum. 

Cordillera Blanca

The literal translation of Cordillera Blanca is the ‘White Range.’ Cordillera Blanca is a part of the Andes and perhaps Peru’s most underrated travel destination.  It includes several peaks over 6,000 metres (19,690 ft) high and 722 individual glaciers. The highest mountain in Peru, Huascarán, at 6,768 metres (22,205 ft) high, is located here. This the place if you are a mountain lover or an adventure enthusiast. We arrange tours by cars to scenic spots and lake, one day treks as well as multiday adventure and luxury treks here.  We recommend a minimum of 2-3 nights here. Lima has good connectivity to the main town of Huaraz. 


Many come to Ica or Paracas for a Nazca lines flight from Lima on a daytrip, few however stay. Paracas is soon developing into a beach resort area of Peru. The town is a launch point for the uninhabited Ballestas Islands, home to sea lions, pelicans and Humboldt penguins. Rugged, wildlife-rich Paracas National Reserve is often called the poor man’s Galapagos!


Huacachina 197, Ica, Peru
Huacachina 197, Ica, Peru

Many don’t even realize they went to Ica for their Nazca lines flight from Lima. Ica offer you more than a flight over Nazca lines. Here you can enjoy sand boarding and dune bashing on its large sand dunes. The town also is surrounded by typical bodegas and wine hotels where you can enjoy a stay amidst vineyards and enjoy tasting local wines. 

Cotahausi and Colca Canyon

Twice as deep as the Grand Canyon of USA, Colca is the second deepest Canyon in the world and a few smidgeons deeper is its neighbor Cotahausi Canyon. While many come here to trek some come here just to relax and enjoy the vistas. Few Indians venture here but it is popular with western tourists. Opt for multiday treks or one day hikes, go rafting, climbin, biking or just enjoy quiet country life. 


A stunning Colonial era city surrounded by volcanos  in southwestern Peru, Arequipa is nicknamed “La Ciudad Blanca” for its unique white buildings made from a local volcanic material called sillar which results in charming architecture. But, if the stunning white, carved facades and snow-capped volcanic peaks don’t capture your heart from the start, Arequipa’s rich traditions, quaint cobble stoned street, and thrilling outdoor adventures likely will. Arequipa is not far from the aforementioned Colca Canyon. The city is also known for its fantastic Ice cream, manicured plazas, perfect temperature and sunshine and the friendliest people.

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