Top things to do in Mauritius, with a CustomHolidays touch!

Written by
Juhi Chheda
April 24, 2021

Most Mauritius Packages come with airport transfers, accommodation and sightseeing. The sightseeing generally included is on three different tours, Mauritius North island tour, Mauritius south island tour and Ile aux Cerfs Tour.  A disclaimer right away, this article does not cover the places each of these tours visits nor gives you a list of top places to visit in Mauritius, because lets be honest, there are 100 different websites out there that have the same tired  list for you to read. 

So what are the unique things to do in Mauritius?

What we have here are suggestions and ideas that will show you the real Mauritius and its many hidden charms. Yes you may visit some of the same places as on the aforementioned tours with us but we like to do it a bit differently for you. On a regular tour you visit the Botanical gardens, with CustomHolidays you don’t just quickly stroll through on a time table, you get to sit and enjoy a picnic. You don’t see the major sites in a crammed bus but in a 4x4 jeep that takes you off-road or on e-bikes and ATV’s or in luxury cars, the choice is yours!

Black River Gorges National Park
Black River Gorges National Park

No driving through the beautiful Black River Gorges National Park, instead we give you a guide to hike with or to take you to the most scenic spots off the main road of the park. Sit, explore and take a breather, after all you are on a holiday!

Yes Ile aux Cerfs is great but how about a day trip to private island, minus the hoards of tourist. Or an overnight sailing trip on a luxury catamaran? Sleeping under the stars, sunrise swims with dolphins, barbeque lunches as you sail through the turquoise waters!

Its as simple as giving us a call or dropping us an email to plan a unique Mauritius Holiday. Oh and if you are looking to Scuba Dive in Mauritius then don’t forget we are PADI Certified Scuba divers who take great joy in introducing scuba to anyone who is interested and can plan a scuba centric trip to Mauritius as well. 

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