Alaska, USA

Alaska: A saga of fire & Ice!

Ok so maybe we made it sound like a Game of Thrones trailer but the landscape here is as dramatic as the series. Alaska for most people conjures images of snow covered landscapes and while it is true that much of the state is covered in permafrost and has tundra like landscape, Alaska is also home to over 130 volcanoes! This means you not just see glaciers and ice but diverse flora and fauna thanks to mineral rich volcanic deposits.

Alaska, USA
Whittier or Seward, Anchorage
Kayaking with whales, bear viewing tour, Dog -Sledding experience, Glacier Hiking Excursion, Midnight Sun Phenomena

Why visit Alaska in August?

This northernmost state of the USA probably sees maximum tourism in the summer month of August. But because Alaska is so remote and sparsely populated we recommend a trip in the summer month of August. This is when the tiny towns and villages gear up for the incoming tourists and the many cruise ships that visit the Alaskan ports. Also the weather is at its most pleasant.

Summer is also the best time to see bears and other wildlife thriving in Alaska. We highly recommend spending some time on Alaska’s mainland rather than just a cruise to Alaska. We offer many pre or post-cruise options that let you explore the Alaskan mainland.

Most tourists visit Anchorage, the capital or the ports of Whittier or Seward depending on where their cruise ship docks. We strongly recommend heading inland and seeing more. In Alaska, the experiences are more important than a specific town or place. But places like Mt. Denali National Park, Kenai Fjords National Park and the town of Fairbanks where you can see the midnight sun phenomena in August are a must. For those with an adventurous streak an deep pockets there are many offbeat experiences like exclusive fly-in fly -out ski retreats to wildlife lodges in the tundra where one can see polar bears in the wild.

Marine life is best seen around the coast either near the aforementioned port towns or further south at Glacier Bay National Park, which is closer to Canadian British Columbia.

Alaska Weather in August

August is one of the best months to visit Alaska as the weather has pretty much settled enough for the boat and land tours to be running comfortably and for various wildlife experiences. Temperatures are pleasant with highs around 16-18°C and lows around 10°C in places like Anchorage and Seward. Further inland in places like Fairbanks expects the temperature to fall by another 2°C.

Chances of rain increase in August compared to May but with the shift in weather patterns, they tend to come towards the end of August. August also lets you enjoy some fall foliage in places like Denali and the Alaska state fair also takes place in late August. Most of the summer mosquitoes also disappear by August.

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Our Favorite Alaska Experiences in August

See the Midnight Sun Phenomena in Fairbanks

There are few places on earth where one can see the sun just dip below the horizon just to immediately rise again. It makes for a fantastic sunset cum sunrise pictures. All in all it means 24 hours of daylight and enjoying activities at midnight you never thought possible!

Stay at a super exclusive fly-in fly-out lodge

Alaska is home to acres of pristine landscapes and in the middle of these untouched pieces of land are exclusive resorts and retreats few have the privilege of experiencing. Most of these can only be accessed by short private flights from Anchorage or other airfields in Alaska. Be prepared to pay a pretty penny for these exclusive experiences though. Contact us to book these uber-luxury private retreats.

Go on a Glacier Hiking Excursion

Alaska has North Americas biggest Glacier and if you are visiting it's obvious you should explore and experience one! These hikes make for lifelong memories and we highly recommend them. If your hike includes an ice cave that is the cherry on the top!

Dog-Sledding experience

In summer you have two options, one is to visit a dog farm and meet the adorable dogs and then enjoy a slege ride on wheels. Another option and this actually combines two of our favorite Alaska experiences is to opt for a fly and sledge tour. This means you will first take a scenic flight that will land on the glacier and then enjoy dog sledging in the pristine environment before you are flown back. This is an experience you will talk about for years to come!

Go on a bear viewing tour

Nothing as exciting as seeing a bear in the wild. We offer tours that last a few hours to overnight experiences. You will see black, brown and polar bears in the wild depending on the tour you pick but in complete safety. Because these furry creatures might look cute and adorable but can be quite aggressive and dangerous as well. Also when it comes to animal encounters we like to offer tours that are sensitive to animals and their habitat and operate with eco-friendly, sustainable measures.

Go Kayaking with whales

Kayaking tours off the coast of Alaska are so rewarding we cannot tell you in words! Some let you see ice bergs upclose while others let you explore fjords and caves and most offer sightings of fantastic wildlife from seals and puffins to whales. And even if you don’t see any wildlife (which is rare) you will enjoy the exhilaration of being the captain of your own little boat on open seas!

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