Finland, Europe

Finland: Spend a night atop a frozen lake to see the Northern Lights

Sounds uncomfortable? Well it’s anything but that! The Finnish Lapland is one of the best and most affordable places in the world to see spectacular light show, aka the Northern Lights.

Finland, Europe
Helinski, Rovaniemi
Helinski, Rovaniemi,Finland, europe, northern lights, winter, snow, Aurora Borealis, lakeland, ski, winter holidays, midnight sun, frozen lakes

Why visit Finland in February?

February and March are said to be the best months to view the Northern Lights. That said February is also sees more daylight hours than December. It also when holiday season of Christmas is over so flights are more reasonable and places are less crowded. 

Spend a night on a frozen lake hoping to see the elusive Aurora Borealis in comfortable cabins which have heating, glass roofs, cozy beds and even toilettes. Because these cabins are driven onto remote lakes and parked in the middle of nowhere there is minimal light pollution making it possible to see the Northern lights even more clearly. It’s a not to be missed experience for sure. 

For those who feel uncomfortable spending the night on a frozen lake there are of course glass igloos or glass roof cabins on firm ground. Then there are northern light safaris on snow mobiles or husky dog sleds and then finally the standard tours in busses. The beauty of all these experiences is that even if you don’t end up seeing the northern lights the activity itself is so interesting that you don’t end up disappointed. 

We even arrange special photography guides to take you on the tour and teach you how to click amazing photos of the Aurora Borealis and the night skies. There are many more interesting winter activities in Finland. You can read about it on our Finland page or talk to our Finland Travel expert.

February weather in Finland: 

February is said to be the coldest month in Finnish Lapland though none of our clients nor did we felt it when we visited in February. The expected temperature is between 0°C to -15°C but dress right and layer up and you will love it. You get 2 hour and sunlight and 7 hours of daylight in February.

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0°C to -15°C
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Our favourite things to do in Finland in February

Driving on a Frozen Gulf

You can drive a Tesla on the frozen Gulf of Bothnia. We even offer ATV Rides on the same gulf all the way to a tiny island where you can enjoy a Finnish picnic!

Climbing a frozen waterfall

Yes they look beautiful frozen and make for an even better adventure if one were to try climbing them.

Sleeping in a Ice Hotel

Imagine sleeping in a room where everything is made of Ice!! Its an architectural marvel as well as a ‘must try once’ experience. 

Husky dog sledging

Nothing like a husky dog safari throughthe forests of Finland. The landscape is magical and controlling the husky dog drawn sledge just the right amount of challenge to keep it thrilling but easy. 

Sail on an Ice Breaking Ship

There are special Ice Breaker ships that would make way for regular ships when the Gulf would freeze in Winter so trade could continue. Today these ships serve as a fascination for tourists to see sheets of ice breaking away and  also allowing them to swim in the freezing water, with special wetsuits ofcourse!

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