Scotland, Europe

Scotland: land of wild highlands and enchanting glens!

In Scotland you can experience all 4 seasons in a day so should it matter when you visit? Well yes, because Scotland weather is so unpredictable and wild that you want to experience it in small bouts not in all its fury. May is spring in Scotland and by end of the month tourist crowds start coming so try a visit late April – Early May

Scotland, Europe
Edinburgh, Inverness, Glasgow,
Scotland, Edinburgh, Inverness, Glasgow, UK, highlands, whiskey, gin, isle of skye, countryside, road trip, glen, scenic, family friendly, kids holiday, anniversary, food, United Kingdom

Why visit Scotland in May?

The rugged beauty of Scotland and its charming cities are often overtaken by the tourist crowds that arrive in the summers. Infact in certain places like the Isle of Sky which have narrow roads you can end up stuck in one spot for hours. Who wants to see a place known for its wild beauty and open spaces stuck in a jam?! 

Even cities like Edinburgh which are tiny and quaint are overrun with tourists, so much so that you won’t be able to appreciate its architecture without a few people marring your view. Hotels are overpriced and monuments have long lines. So come in early May where yes the weather is a bit unpredictable but you will really get to see Scotland. 

When we visited we got to see snowfall, rain and sunshine all in a span of 4 hours and honestly it was a beautiful experience. Inspite of being a very popular tourist destination many places in Scotland like Skye, Inverness and other places in the highlands have limited accommodation and if you come in peak summer you must book months in advance and still pay very dearly. So most just end up visiting these places on daytrips. These places are best enjoyed in solitude. 

Also keep in mind the whiskey and gins Scotland is so famous for are best enjoyed when there is a bit of a nip in the air. 

Scotland Weather in May:

Except highs of around 13°C and lows of around 5°C, we told you it’s whiskey weather! Rainfall is at a minimum and there is almost 17 hrs of daylight.

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5°C to 13°C
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Our Favorite Scotland Experiences in May

April Showers bring May flowers

A beautiful time to visit, this season sees daffodils, bluebells, cherry blossom and rhododendrons bursting into bloom. This means the rugged landscapes of Scotland are enhanced by the beauty of wild flowers in May making your visit even more special. 

Take a ferry to the less visited islands

By May most ferry routes open up and boats run more frequently. Hop onto a car carry ferry and continue your road trip to lesser visited islands of Scotland like Isle of Mull, Islay etc. 

Festival of Malt and Music

Infact if you do take the ferry to Isle of Islay make sure to make it for the Festival of Malt and Music which celebrates the islands heritage and culture. The island is known for its single malt whiskies and the distilleries hold open days during the week long festival. There is music, dance, golf, Gaelic lessons, whiskey and overall a carnival type atmosphere on the island. 

Cairngomes National Park

While the park has a walking festival in May end where about 100 particpiants take part and  each day participants are offered three walks of varying difficulty if you want the trails to yourself early May is a great time. The park also offers many wildlife options and activites like rafting, tubing etc. 

Enjoy an unique Adventure Activity

May is the perfect time to explore the outdoors with some unique outdoor activities that Scotland offers like Via Ferrata, kite buggying and land yachting. Interested? Talk to our Scotland Travel Expert. 

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