Jordan, Middle East

All in 1 Country – It has to be Jordan!

A country where there are canyons, deserts, alien landscapes, ancient cities and civilizations, a fantastic beach with a teeming reef, historic sites and the lowest place on Earth? Yes, Its Jordan!

Jordan, Middle East
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Why visit Jordan in April?

For one it’s the weather. It’s just the beginning of summer, most of your activities have started especially canyoning in the Wadi Al Mujib, the crowds are yet to arrive and therefore the prices are more affordable and availability is not an issue. 

Because Jordan has a beautiful desert region April is a very good time to go as its not too hot nor too cold. Activities like desert safaris, horse and camel back rides, hot air balloon and village visits in Petra and Wadi Rum are best enjoyed in this weather. It is also a good time for scuba diving in the Red Sea from the town of Aqaba and even though March April is plankton bloom time the visibility is almost 15 mts and the divesites are far less crowded compared to Egypt. 

Hiking trails and cycling trails in the Dana Bioshpere Reserve are also popular in April as are the spa hotels of the Dead Sea region. With so many diverse geographic areas and varied experiences many tend to skip the capital city of Amman. 

Jordan weather in April

Average temperatures in northern Amman are about 21°C and as you travel south towards the coast they increase to a maximum of 28°C in Amman. Its Springtime and wildflowers are in bloom, rains have just passed so everything is lush and green (except the desert, duh!) and the water levels in the wadis are perfect for canyoning. Wintewrs can get very cold and summer extremely hot, so this is a popular time to travel and booking in advance is advised. 

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21°C to 28°C
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Our Favorite Jordan Experiences in April

Canyoning in Wadi Al Mujhib

Canyoning is traversing a river along its course that includes rappelling down waterfalls, sliding along the rapids, swimming and jumping in the natural pools. In Jordan generally the rivers have cut deep canyons making the experience even more dramatic. Aprils is when the waterlevels are just right to enjoy this activity. 

Enjoying the Martian experience in the Red Desert

The Red Desert or Wadi Rum region of Jordan is known for its mars-like landscapes and yes the movie Martian was also shot here. You can actually stay in Pod type accommodation or bubble hotels here and enjoy the alien landscape by the day and the star filled skies by night. Local desert experiences and other activities like hot air balloon, camel rides, atv rides and jeep safaris make this experience an unforgettable one. 

Dead Sea

Yes its very well known and it’s a must to float on the dead sea, cover oneself in the black mud and then wash off the therapeutic mud and while we love it we also enjoy exploring the tiny slat islands and caves formed by the salt crystals. Light flights over the region show a birds eye view of the surreal Dead Sea and we higly recommend a micro/light flight here. 

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