Make your own Gelato

The secret to happiness: Learn to make Italian Gelato!

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La Dolce Vita

Rome, Milan, Venice, Pisa, Florence, amalfi coast, naples,
Rome, Milan, Venice, Pisa, Florence, amalfi coast, naples,italy, gelato, pizza, food trail, dessert, pastry, food, food trail, street food, restaurants, bars, nightlife, cafes, michelin star, gourmet, culinary experience, local cuisine, chocolate, wine, ice cream

La Dolce Vita is when you can make your own Gelato and eat it too. Our favorite thing to eat in Italy is not pizza or pasta, its Gelato!! When you devour a good Gelato you can feel your stress melting away along with the cold treat in your mouth. Good Gelato can make you a happier person and the world a better place and we can help you with the recipe. 

You will learn how to make the creamiest Gelato with classic and more modern flavours with a local chef. The best part is not just learning but tasting the various flavours and for those who are vegan worry not, the class also covers sorbets! We offer this experience in various cities of Italy and you can even opt for a combo of Pizza + Gelato workshop. Ok that just made us hungry!

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