Belgium, Europe

Antwerp: because it’s chocolate week!

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend and while Antwerp is the diamond capital of the world they have something better - Chocolate!! Antwerp chocolate festival isn’t for a day or two, it’s for a whole week!

Belgium, Europe
Antwerp, Brussels, Bruges, Ghent
Belgium, Antwerp, Brussels, Bruges, ghent, chocolate, tomorrowland, festivals, beer, europe, romance, romantic, honeymoon, anniversary, culture, family friendly, kids holiday

Why visit Antwerp in March?

If you are going to visit Antwerp or any neigbouring city in March make sure your dates intercede with the Antwerp Chocolate week in March. For just Euro 10 you get a chocolate pass (consists of 10 coupons) that gives you access to more than 20 top chocolatiers in the city. So while you go around sightseeing you can easily hop into one of the participating stores and exchange one or two of your coupons for some delicious treats including beers!

March is also still a bit chilly and can see snow/rain so a hot chocolate hits just the right spot. We love the cities museums and galleries as well as food culture. We also highly recommend spending a few nights in neighbouring Bruges and Brussels. Belgium is a great choice for families with many attractions like the Automium, cartoon cafes, zoos etc and for adults with a spa town called ‘Spa!’ and many other romantic places to explore. 

March weather in Antwerp:

Expect highs of around 10°C and lows of around 3°C, expect a bit of rain so bring your weatherproof jackets and shoes.

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10°C to 3°C
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Our Favorite Belgium Experiences in March

The Laetare festival in Stavelot

Laetare is the last Sunday of lent which many catholics celebrate. In Stavelot the festivities are a lot of fun with ‘Blanc Mousis’ people in white costumes and a strange mask showering everyone with confetti and dancing merrily in the grand parade. There are balls at the abbey, heated tents for spectators, lots of fun and frolic and even spectacular fireworks!

Comic Con, Made in Asia and You Play

Come March and these three festivals kick off in Brussels. These three are all bout comics, video games, cosplay, games and toys as well as collectibles. Made in Asia has entertainment relating to Asian culture from sushi making to karaoke even. These three festivals are guaranteed to bring out your inner geek!

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