Morocco, Africa

Morocco-More than just a desert!

Many think of Morocco as just a desert country but it has beautiful mountains with lush vegetation and gurgling streams as well as a gorgeous coastline. March is springtime in Morocco and considered one of the best time to visit the country.

Morocco, Africa
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Why visit Morocco in March?

You maynot believe it but Morocco actually gets really cold and even sees snowfall up in the mountains in the winters. During summer the sun is scorching hot, therefore Spring and autumn are the best times to visit the country but can get really busy. We prefer a visit in March because the rainy season is just ending leaving everything lush and green and the temperatures are very pleasant. 

March is also a good time as most of the December peak crowds have left and the spring-summer crowds are yet to come. Which means you will get good prices on hotels and monuments and sites pretty much to yourself. 

We really like nomadic camping in Moroccan desserts and March temperatures are ideal for the same. April sees a lot of sand storms in the Sahara making it difficult to visit the desert but March is much calmer. 

Hiking in the high Atlas mountains is also very pleasant and you might witness a bit of precipitation which just makes for even better pictures. The coast is very dry around this time but water temperatures are a bit low around 18°C making long swims a bit uncomfortable. So it it’s the coast you are more keen on exploring then visit in October but it it’s the cities, culture, souks, desert and hills of Morocco that call out to you March is perfect. 

March weather in Morocco:

Expect highs of about 22°C and lows of about 10°C. The Atlantic coast sees no rainfall and the High Atlas Mountains or nearby cities may see a bit of precipitation. 

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22°C to 10°C
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Our Favorite Morocco Experiences in March

International Nomads festival morocco

A three day event takes place in a remote Saharan village called M’Hamid El Ghizlane to celebrate nomadic culture. Expect open air events featuring local music, food, crafts and much more. Dates vary, but the festival usually happens towards the end of the month.

Glamping in the Desert

It’s the absolute ideal time to enjoy a tent stay in the desert, the weather is just right for it. 

Hiking and other activities in the Atlas Mountains

Slightly chilly and very beautiful, the Atlas Mountains alongwith the mountain villages make for a fantastic experience in March

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