Canada, North America

Canadian Rockies: For the Bluest lakes on the planet!

Come to the Rockies to see most beautiful alpine lakes in surreal shades of blue-green. Glaciers, mountain –top restaurants, wildlife are just a bonus besides these beautiful lakes. 

Canada, North America
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Every self respecting nature lover and adventurer has the Canadian Rocky Mountains or Rockies as they are popularly called on their Travel Bucketlist. Come to the Rockies to see most beautiful alpine lakes in surreal shades of blue-green. Glaciers, mountain –top restaurants, wildlife are just a bonus besides these beautiful lakes. 

Why visit the Rockies in June?            

Lake Louise, Morraine Lake and Lake Peyto are the most popularly known for their surreal blue color. But these lakes are not this beautiful color all year round. They achieve this color due to the silt and rock flour deposited by the glaciers while melting in Spring and summer. This rock flour is very light and tends to float on the lake and reflect sunlight to give the lakes this amazing color. This phenomenon is best seen in late spring and summer, i.e. June-July- August. But July and August tend to be very crowded and prices tend to sky-rocket so visit in June. 

Besides seeing these beautiful lakes the Rockies offer many outdoor and adventure activities.  For those who prefer more luxurious pursuits there are spas, luxury hotels, hill-top restaurants with astounding views and more comfortable tours to explore these mountains. 

Hiking, rafting, cycling, horseback riding are a few popular ways to explore these beautiful mountains. The Rocky Mountaineer Train is another very expensive but very popular way to see the mountains. It’s one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world. If you opt for the gold class ticket then you get a carriage with glass roof to better appreciate the view. 

Glacier walks, cable car rides, ice cave exploration, fishing and boating are also very popular here. Wildlife viewing is also impressive with certain regions where you will get to see wild bears. 

Rockies Weather in June:

June is the end of spring and beginning of summer in the Canadian Rockies. Expect average temperature of about 13°C, peak day temperatures can soar to 21°C and nights can go as low as 5°C so carry a warm jacket or two. It can rain so do carry waterproof shoes and protection. 

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13°C to 21°C
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Our Favorite Rocky Experiences in June

Hike to the view points

Each of the poplar lakes have stunning viewpoints you can hike to and take unbelievable pictures of the lakes. June is a great time for hiking in the Rockies

Horseback Tours

Explore the exciting landscape on horseback. From advanced to beginner trails, they have it all. 

Wildlife viewing

There are tours arranged specifically to see the amazing wildlife of the Rockies. From Bears to smaller animals, you will see a lot of animals. 

Side-car trips

Don’t explore in a regular car, do it on bikes with side cars to cover more distance and still feel like you are not in an enclosed vehicle. Side cars are comfortable, safe and offer 360° views!

Glacier Adventures

The usual Columbia Icefeild adventure takes you on a special bus and lets you get off on the glacier where you can walk on the glacier, then there is the sky bridge with a glass floor that looks out on the valley and is not for those who fear heights. But we even arrange a 3-4 hr hike on the ice fields for those who want a more intense glacier experience. 

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