Norway, Europe

Norway: land of fairytale winters and glorious summers!

While winter is beautiful and known for the spectacular Northern Lights, summer is equally magical with the Midnight Sun phenomena making it our absolute favorite time to visit.

Norway, Europe
Oslo, Bergen, trondheim, Tromso
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Whenever someone asks us when to go to Norway we always say go at least two times, once in summer and once in winter. While winter is beautiful and known for the spectacular Northern Lights, summer is equally magical with the Midnight Sun phenomena making it our absolute favorite time to visit Norway. Norway in summer Mecca for hiking and outdoor enthusiasts and anyone who loves to see Mother Nature in all her glory. 

Why visit Norway in June?

June is the beginning of summer, which means all the hiking paths are open, all the summer activities are in full swing and the camping and glamping options are ready to be explored. 

The midnight sun phenomena where you would see the sun just dip at the horizon and rise again can also be witnessed in June. Imagine not having to wake up early to see the sunrise!! It’s sunset and sunrise both rolled into one making it 2x more interesting. 

It’s the best time to see the Fjords, the narrow water bodies of Norway’s coast that are a must see. While you sail or Kayak on Norwegian fjords you will see waterfalls, small towns and wildlife. Driving scenic routes in Norway is also a rewarding experience. Norway offers some very scenic routes but fuel is expensive. 

If you prefer quieter places opt to explore northern Norway in summer or places away from the towns where cruise ships stop. Oslo, Bergen and Flam are the most popular places to visit so book months in advance for good prices. June is a great time to go even for this reason, that the place is abuzz with people otherwise Norway can seem very quiet and desolate. 

Norway Weather in June:

Southern Norway sees very pleasant temperatures of about 17°C in the day and 8-10°C at night and 8 hours of sunshine. Northern Norway is a bit colder with day temperature around 13°C and night temperatures of about 6°C and almost 24hrs of daylight!

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8°C to 17°C
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Our Favorite Norway Experiences in June

Driving the Scenic Routes and explore the Insta-worthy public restrooms

The Altlantic Ocean Road  is the most popular drive in Norway with its 8 bridges with one being the most popular due to its odd shape which if viewed from the right angle appears to drop straight into the ocean. There are many more lesser known scenic routes with not just jaw dropping scenery but also some beautifully designed restrooms that double as scenic stops, are an architectural marvel, some that are cool because they are completely sustainable and all are Insta-worthy. 

Activities on the Fjords

While ferry rides on fjords are the most popular way to explore the Norwegian Fjords you can choose to explore at your own pace by opting to kayak or try balancing on a stand up paddle on the placid waters. Hiking and biking routes around fjords are also a very rewarding experience. Camping around the Fjords is also popular

Experience the Mid-night sun Phenomena

Have you ever seen the sun just dip below the horizon and rise again instantly? If not then Norway is the place to see it happen in summer. 

Wildlife Safaris

The sea around Norway is a great place to see whales and seals as well as many species of birds. You can go on safaris under the mid-night sun to see these amazing animals in ther natural habitat. 

World’s most scenic hikes

Norway abounds in scenic hikes. Be it the Trolltungs which literally translates in to the ‘Troll’s tongue’ or the Pulpit rock or more obscure ones, they all have one thing in common, jaw-dropping views. Opting for the lesser know ones will help you avoid summer crowds but hiking the more popular ones almost feels like a party, so pick as per your mood and preference. 

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