Maldives: Island Paradise

The island paradise of Maldives not only has thousands of islands but also thousands of resorts (generally one resort per island) all waiting to pamper and spoil you. From affordable to uber lux, Maldives is dotted with all kinds of resorts and since island hopping is so expensive in the Maldives its very important to pick the right resort.

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Why Visit Maldives in November?

Maldives being tropical islands offer similar temperatures through the year but there is a dry and wet season to be considered before planning your Maldives trip. May to October is considered the wet season whereas December to April is considered the dry season. This leaves November as the transition month between the wet & dry season.

This makes November a great time to visit the Maldives. There are occasional showers but they are short and tend to render everything dewy fresh. We personally feel the clouds make for beautifully dramatic sunsets and some break from the harsh tropical sun.

November also offers decent hotel deals on Maldives Resorts. The prices aren't as low as the monsoon months but they are not as high as December which also has restrictions on minimum nights etc. Flight prices are also reasonable and while demand from India can be high due to Diwali ( easy to avoid those dates) the demand from other countries is relatively low.

For those looking to scuba dive November is when the plankton starts clearing and visibility starts getting better. If you are looking to visit a resort in the Baa Atoll November start is a fantastic time to see hundreds of Manta Rays and whale sharks. You might even catch some bioluminescent algae if you are lucky.

Maldives Weather in November

Expect temperatures between 24°C to 30°C. Occasional rain showers and about 6 hrs of sunlight cn be expected. Water temperatures around 28°C and relatively calm seas.

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27°C to 30°C
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Our Favourite Maldives Experiences in November

Private Sand Bank Experience

Experience 100% privacy and seclusion on a sand bank in the Maldives. Sand banks are temporary and appear only during low tide. Each sandbank that appears is unique and you can truly say you stepped where no man has stepped before. Some resorts also offer private islands for a few hours where its just you and your loved one, no one else exists- a true Adam & Eve experience!

Enjoy Romantic Dining

Maldives resorts offer restaurants with beautiful settings overlooking the sea in general but they even have secluded tables for couples that can be set up on the beach or in the pool or some secluded spot on the island. Some resorts even offer underwater restaurants!

Largest Manta Ray Aggregation in the world!

Baa Atoll is positioned perfectly to trap a concentration of plankton when the southwest monsoon dominates weather patterns. From June to November zooplankton is funneled into the atoll, attracting hundreds of manta rays and whale sharks.

Go Snorkeling or Scuba Diving!

Maldives is one of the best places in the world to explore marine life and the beautiful world of fish and corals. November offers better water clarity than the wetter months and good visibility allowing you to spot various marine creatures.

Experience a Sunset Cruise

While sailing to catch a sunset sounds romantic in itself in Maldives like everything else this is even more special. Most resorts offer a sunset sailing experience with a local live band aboard, some champagne and snacks and the cherry on the top is dancing Dolphins! Yes these playful fish love the music, especially the sound of the local drums and claps and put on a spectacular show backed by a glorious sunset.

Spoil Yourself with an All-inclusive Retreat

Maldives offers resorts with an all inclusive plan where everything is paid for and you roam around wallet free. However do be careful to pick the right kind of all inclusive without hidden charges.

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