Oman, Middle East

Sultanate of Oman: Where beaches, mountains, deserts and wadis rule

Oman usually conjures images of a sandy desert and men in traditional Arabic robes. But Oman offers so much more than that! It is however important to visit the country at the right time otherwise soaring temperatures and dry landscapes can really ruin your travel experience.

Oman, Middle East
Six Senses Zighy Bay, Bimmah Sinkhole, Wahiba Sands , . Damaniyat and Falhal islands, wrek of Al Munnassir, Mussandam Peninsula

Why visit Oman in November?

November is the month post Oman’s ‘Khareef’ or rainy season. This means most of Oman is left lush and green, especially the wadis it is so famous for post Khareef. "Wadi" is the Arabic and Hebrew term for a valley, commonly used in Middle East. The wadis in Oman are mostly dry, though they fill with water during the monsoons. Oman has a large number of wadis in its desert terrain, many of which are popular trekking sites. Others have crystal-clear pools, making them fantastic locations for picnics.

Besides the wadis one must definitely visit the desert. Be it from the popular desert camps of Wahiba Sands or private glamping experiences in the desert that cost a pretty penny but offers a truly nomadic desert camping experience at a virgin campsite set up just for you! Of course it comes with your own private butler, chef and exquisite dining experiences!

Another must do in Oman are the red and green mountains of Jebel Akhdar and its highest peak Jebel Shams. This is adventure and culture heaven with many hiking, biking and climbing options as well as ancient villages where the old way of life still persists. There are fortress towns like Nizwa as well. The draws are also the two luxury resorts of Alila Jabal Akhdar and Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar, both of which offer rooms with jaw dropping views!

Muscat is a by default option as one must fly in and out of the country from here. It offers fantastic beaches and we also offer some fantastic sailing and diving options here. Besides these popular places November is a great time to visit places like Ras al Jinz known for its turtle beaches, the Mussadam peninsula which is closer to Dubai than Oman with the amazing Six Sense Zighy Bay and the southern region of Salalah which has a beautiful coastline full of lush vegetation, breathtaking beaches and azure waters. The region is also known for fantastic dive sites. The Al Baleed Resort Salalah is another wonderful Anantara resort worth a visit.

Oman Weather in November

November is a good month to visit with temperature ranging between 21 °C to 30 °C, depending on where you are and time of the day. Evenings tend to get cooler as like most deserts Oman cools rapidly at night.

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21 °C to 30 °C
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Our Favorite Oman Experiences in November

Paraglide into the Six Senses Zighy Bay

Now that’s a James Bond worthy entry! Yes, one way to enter this resort is to jump of the cliff overlooking the resort, soar like a bird and then land on its pristine beach! Six Senses is a renowned luxury hotel brand that offers sustainable resorts across the globe and the Six Senses Zighy bay is definitely one of their more opulent resorts, after all when you are a part of a Sultanate you must shine like a jewel in the Sultans crown.

Trek through a wadi and stop at the Bimmah Sinkhole

The most popular and easy to visit wadis in Oman are Wadi Shab and Tiwi, both of which are close to each other and the famous Bimah Sinkhole. The picturesque hills, date palms and the gorgeous waterfall inside one of the caves in the mountain is what makes this wadi so popular. Wadi Bani Khaleed is known for having water through the year when other wadis dry up. Another wadi an easy daytrip from Muscat is Wadi al Abriyeen. This wadi is known for the four villages on its banks and the welcoming locals.  The wadi is blessed with flora such as mango trees, banana trees, lemon trees and the local tribeswomen of the villages offer handicrafts and Omani jewellery for sale.

Go Glamping in the Desert

Oman is a desert country and a visit to its sandy vastness is a must when you travel to Oman. Most people get a taste of the desert at Wahiba Sands where there are many desert camps that offer tented accommodation and nightly entertainment with fold and belly dances etc. But if you really wish to go offbeat opt for a private nomadic glamping experience. This means you will be taken to an undisclosed location in the desert, a virgin campsite which will be setup just for you but with all creature comforts in place. It’s a totally unique experience to be surrounded by nothing but the desert and the night sky full of stars. An experience that will transform you in mysterious ways and worth every penny you pay for it.

Explore Oman’s many dive sites

Oman has beautiful beaches and clear waters thriving with marine life. Not many associate Oman with beaches and scuba diving but once you visit you will know that Oman can easily outshine many asian destinations in this department. Scuba diving here however is expensive as its not very commercialized so one can pick dive sites based of budget. Damaniyat and Falhal islands, wrek of Al Munnassir  are popular dive sites accessible from Muscat, Mussandam Peninsula has popular sites like Lima rock and The Caves, while Salalah has many unnamed virgin sites waiting to be explored.

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