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Hungary, Phillippines, New Zealand, India, Meghalaya, Waitamo, Budapest, caving, speleo, adventure, thrills, active holidays, outdoors, couple, europe, asia, asia pacific

Caving is probably one of the most underated adventure activity. While most have heard of and tried skydiving, scuba diving, rafting etc few have even heard of Caving or Speleology. The best thing about caving is no special training or learning is required to enjoy this adventure unlike skiing or scuba diving which you actually have to learn. 

So what is Caving or Speleology? 

In simple words it is the exploration of caves or under the ground. You descend into the cavity by walking, crawling, climbing down stairs or abseiling. Then you put on your torches of head lamps and follow the guide deeper or further into the caves. You come across some really tight chambers you can barely crawl through and some big enough to hold a concert!

It may not sound interesting but it is real fun to explore the dark and dank world beneath us. Formations like stalagmites and stalactites, ancient cave paintings, rare minerals or creatures are some of the few things you will find on such trips. At times the caves are so big that you actually find underground lakes or rivers, beaches plants etc. Almost like the perfect place to set up an underground Shangri La!

You are generally given overalls so you don’t soil your clothes and caves contrary to belief are actually very clean with hardly any creepy crawlies. 

Who can do it? 

As long as you are not claustrophobic and are relatively fit you can do it. Even children are allowed and age limit changes from cave to cave. It is important to go on these adventures with experienced guides. 

Where can I go caving? 

Almost every country in Europe has as well developed and explored cave system for adventurers to explore. A lot of places in Asia offer some amazing caves as well. Some caving adventures actually can be done on kayaks or boats like the black labyrinth in New Zealand or the underground river in Philippines. 

We end up going caving almost everywhere we travel. For example our favorite activity to in Budapest is caving! Did you know the city has a massive network of caves underneath?

If you would like to try caving or Spelo oe Spelunking as its called on your next holiday talk to us. 

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