Nomadic Glamping Adventure: The best surprise ever!

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Norway, Oman, Morocco, Scotland, Peru, Jordan, India, United States of America
Norway, Oman, Morocco, Scotland, Peru, Jordan, India
Norway, Oman, Morocco, Scotland, Peru, Jordan, India, adventure, thrills, active holidays, outdoors, couple, glamping, camping, luxury resorts, luxury hotels, luxury accommodations, rustic luxury, sustainable

They say there is something so special about impromptu trips and its true. But then reality and practicality like visas, flights, costs etc come in the picture and you can’t help but plan your trip in advance. That is why we offer you the adventure of Nomadic Glamping!

What is Nomadic Glamping?

Glamping is going camping but with creature comforts, which means there will be porters to carry your bags and you will sleep in bigger tents with actual cots or beds instead of using the sleeping bag. The food is also served in a nice setting from table and chairs to a decorated sit down depending on where you are. 

Now you will wonder what Nomadic Glamping is? Nomadic Glamping is when you don’t know where you will be taken and the campsite is not a pre-setup campsite. In Nomadic camping you are taken to an undisclosed location, offered a private camp set up just for you and offered the rustic charm of camping but with all the creature comforts.  

You will love Nomadic Glamping like the rest of our clients who have tried it. They leave excited not knowing if they will camp by a lake or a valley. We ofcourse tell them what to pack but clothes, shoes and personal belongings is all they are expected to carry. We take of the rest. Dietary requirements etc are also accommodated as long as informed in advance. 

Where do we offer this Experience?

We offer Nomadic Glamping in places like the deserts of Morocco and Oman, Highlands of Scotland, wilds of Africa and mountains of Peru. On request we can arrange these experiences in other destinations as well. 

Who can opt for Nomadic Glamping Adventure? 

Nomadic glamping is great for couples, families and small groups of friends. Fitness levels need not be too high for this adventure that really lets you be one with the land without compromising on your creature comforts. You can inform us in advance as to how adventurous your group is and we will plan the location and access to the camp accordingly. 

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