Exploring the 7th Continent: Antarctica!

Man has always been fascinated by the unknown and unexplored. Today few places remain on our planet where we have not left a major footprint and Antarctica is the last un-spoilt continent. It is now possible to explore this white desert and traveling to Antarctica is the ultimate adventure on most Travel Bucket Lists.

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How to visit Antarctica?

Today we have multiple options to offer you. There are Luxury Cruises to Antarctica, Expedition Cruises to Antarctica, Small sailing boat trips to Antarctica, Fly and Stay options and Fly and cruise options to Antarctica! This means depending on your comfort levels you can pick different options to see the Antarctic Continent.

Each of these offer itineraries of different durations, with different activities. We help you pick the right option for you depending on the time you have and how adventurous you wish to be. We have options departing from Punta Arenas in Chile, Ushuaia and Buenos Ares in Argentina and Cape Town in South Africa!

What you can do in Antarctica?

Activities like Stand up Paddle in Antarctica and Kayaking in Antarctic waters can be arranged for you. We also arrange camping on the continent and ski trips in Antarctica. Whale watching, ice cave exploration and penguin watching excursions on small Zodiac boats are other activities we offer. Hiking is also a popular activity on the Antarctic continent. You can even run a marathon in Antarctica! For those who prefer luxury and are willing to pay for it you can sip on champagne and eat Michelin star quality meals in luxury pods with amazing views. Most people love the wildlife experience in Antarctica and this is where nature and certain species of animals have thrived.

We have trips ranging from 5-7 nights upto 1 month or more! Earlier most trips to Antarctica only included a visit to the Antartic Archipelago or the Antarctic Peninsula, while some just sailed past the Falkland Islands or the Orkney Islands. Today we have options that don’t just sail past but let you spend nights on the main Antarctic shelf and even travel further inland to the South Pole! Have more questions like when to go, what to pack, how much will it cost etc? Talk to our Antarctica Travel specialist today.

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