Liveaboard Scuba Adventure

This is the ultimate adventure for Scuba Divers! If you really want to explore the world’s best dive sites you will have to sail a few miles off the shores towards less traversed waters. Liveaboards make it possible to access the worlds least accessed dive sites. 

What is a Liveaboard? 

A liveaboard is a boat that not just takes you scuba diving but even has facilities to stay on board. They come at various levels of luxury from basic boats where you sleep in bunks like deck hands to uber-luxury yachts where you have suites with beautiful views and hot tubs! 

Who should opt for a Liveaboard Scuba Adventure?

While liveaboards are for serious divers because most offer about 5-7 dives a day for a minimum of 3 days even non-divers can opt to go with loved ones who are serious divers. Generally you need to hold a PADI Advanced Open Water Scuba Diving certification to go on a liveaboard but we do offer some options for even Padi Open Water Divers. 

Non-divers get a cheaper price and can enjoy activities like snorkeling, kayaking and sailing on liveaboards.  Sunsets are always gorgeous and boat decks have a way of making one see the horizon in a new light. 

Where do we offer Liveaboard Scuba Adventures?

We offer liveaboards Scuba Adventures all over the world. Some of our favorite and most recommended options would be in Philippines and Indonesia as they form a region called the coral triangle with Malaysian Borneo. The coral triangle is the Amazon of the underwater world teeming with worlds 90% of underwater life, some indigenous to this area.  Other destinations which we also like for liveaboards are Maldives, Thailand and the Red Sea. Galapagos Islands in North America also make for a great liveaboard option but are very expensive. 

Why opt for a Liveaboard Scuba Adventure when I can go Scuba diving from the coast?

While one can easily explore the underwater world on daytrips from the coast the world’s best dive sites are always further away from the coast and human development. Liveaboards make it possible to access these remote locations 

When you opt for day dives you can be limited to 2-3 dives due to travel time, surface times etc where as Liveaboards offer conveniences like night dives and you can end up enjoying upto 5 dives a day easily. But it is very important to pick the right liveaboard. Talk to our Scuba Diving experts to pick the right liveaboard for you. We also arrange private liveaboard charters exclusively for your group. 

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