Sleep in the Sky Peru- Via ferrata

South America
Peru, Sacred Valley
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Ultimate Adventure is sleeping in Skylodge-a glass pod suspended high up the side of a mountain!

Sounds exciting? The approach to this Skylodge is even more so. To reach Skylodge which is perched like a birds nest on the vertical granite cliff wall of the Sacred Valley Region in Peru you will have to climb it! Fear not though, you don’t need to be a serious rock climber to access it as now there is an easy system called via ferrata to climb mountains. 

What is Via Ferrata?

Via ferrata literally means ‘iron path’ in Italian. Basically iron rods that look like steps are built into the vertical face of the mountain. The route is further secured with steel cables and ropes also fixed into the rock face. Then all you have to do is put on a harness and attach yourself to these cables for safety with a carabiner and use the iron steps as footholds to climb the mountain. 

Even though you don’t need to be a rock climber for this activity you need to have good fitness levels. We even offer Via Ferrata in other parts of the worlds and sometimes a via ferrata route includes steel suspension bridges and zip-lining making it even more fun. 

We love via ferratas because they allow non-expert climbers to reach high altitudes in a safe way, using minimum equipment and reach places which only serious and very skilled mountain climbers once did. 

What to expect at the Sky Lodge, Peru? 

After a moderate via ferrata climb of 1 hr or a hike + zipline + via ferrata combo which also takes about an hour you will reach the Sky Lodge hotel which was the brainchild of Ario Ferri. The 4 pods of skylodge were inspired by portaledge, or a hanging tent system used by mountain climbers for overnight stays on rock faces. 

You will see amazing views of the sacred valley by day and star filled skies by night when staying at the Sky Lodge. The feeling of being perched so high up, surrounded by only glass is indescribable. Out of the 4 glass pods only 3 are for sleeping and the fourth one is for dining. Each pod has a very comfortable canopy bed from where you see stars at nights, it’s like sleeping in heaven. Each pod also has a separate toilet which could easily be voted as a bathroom with the best views in the world. 

The meals at sky lodge are also a special experience with spectacular views. They serve fabulous organic meals inspired by local ingredients and recipes accompanied with Peruvian wines. The sunrise is another surreal experience here. After breakfast with the best views its time to check-out by zip-lining to the valley floor. 

This is the perfect adventure+ romance combo for couples, groups of friends travelling together and also a great experience for families with children as young as 6 allowed to stay at Skylodge. We also offer an option of just the via ferrata climb + lunch for those short on time or budget. 

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