Indonesia: A country of Wonderful Islands!

An island country, Indonesia boasts of more than 17000 islands. It can be difficult to pick just the right island for you but we can help you with that.

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Why visit Indonesia in September?        

Well Indonesia is a tropical country located on the equator. This means there is no real winter season, but there is rainfall and that is one thing most people want to avoid when visiting an island. While each island has its own micro climate, some times totally the opposite of other islands, September is a month where most visit worthy islands in Indonesia offer fantastic climate.

It’s a great time to visit Bali as there is minimal rainfall and resort prices are lower than peak tourist months of July-August. If you plan to go climbing Mt. Bromo on Java then September is the perfect month as it offers clear rain free days with a nice breeze.

On Komodo Island September is mating and nesting season for the Komodo Dragons, huge lizards that look like dragons found only on this island. September is also a great time to see orangutans on Indonesian Borneo and in Raja Ampat September offers a good time for scuba diving with an abundance of Manta rays. Raja Ampat is ‘the’ destination for scuba divers and features on most divers bucket lists.

Indonesia Weather in September:

September fall in the dry season for most Indonesian Islands so you won’t encounter much rain. Temperatures remain pretty much to same throughout the year and range between 25°C to 35°C depending on where you are. It’s a great time for water activities and scuba diving.

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Average 30°C
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Our Favorite Indonesia Experiences in September:

Stay in an Eco-Friendly Bamboo hotel in Bali:

On Bali you can of course stay in one of the many luxury resorts but staying in a luxury bamboo house is a truly unique experience. These bamboo houses are not only sustainable and eco-friendly but also amazing specimens of design and architecture. Its rustic luxury at its best!

See a Komodo Dragon

These giant lizards (bigger than you and me) are indigenous to the island of Komodo and you will end up with a ‘wow’ when you see one. A komodo dragon can weigh anywhere between 70-90 kgs and upto 3 meters long!

Ride an Underwater Scooter in an underwater garden

Yes you heard that right! There is an underwater garden complete with Buddha statues and many other sculptures and yes you can ride an underwater scooter through it! You do not require any prior diving experience for it. In fact you don’t even need to be a skilled swimmer!

See wild horses running on Sumba Island

Have you ever seen wild horses galloping on a beach? Let us tell you it’s the most beautiful, graceful site! No wonder M F Husain was so enamored with running horses. Sumba also offers a fantastic luxury resort,currently the only luxury accommodation of the island. Did we just find you the perfect couples get away or what?!

See a volcano that spews Blue Lava!

Yes you read that right! There is a volcano in Indonesia which spews blue lava and burns with blue flames!! Well the blue color is because of the high levels of sulpher present and its best seen at night! You will need to wear a protective mask to visit but it’s totally worth it! The volcano also has a bright blue lake in its crater, but be careful its very acidic!

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