Spain, Europe

Spain: Simply Splendid!

One of the biggest Mediterranean countries, Spain offers so many contrasts. From some of the most eclectic cities of Europe to the most charming coastal villages, Spain has it all. You will find snow covered mountains and really warm beaches. Ancient monuments and modern architecture co-exist in Spain so harmoniously that one can’t tell where one ends and the other begins.

Spain, Europe
Majorca, Roija , La Merce , Madrid, Malaga, , Marbella, Girona , Barcelona , Madrid , Seville , Granada , , Cordoba
Flamenco , Andalusian Cave dwellings , Festival, Costa Brava , Andalusian Costa del Sol

Why visit Spain in September?

Spain is the perfect specimen of Mediterranean climate characterized by dry summers and mild, wet winters. September is the one month between the very hot summer and wet winter where the weather is almost perfectly balanced.

September is the perfect time to enjoy Spain’s fantastic coast line, be is the Costa Brava or the Andalusian Costa del Sol as the seas are warmer than the spring months but the air temperature is cooler than the summer months. The popular resort towns like Malaga, Marbella, Girona etc have fewer crowds and the hotels are more reasonably priced.  Other popular destinations like Madrid, Barcelona and Seville also have shorter lines at tourist sights.

It’s the perfect time for other outdoor activities. September also comes with an array of Interesting festivals that Spain is widely known for. Islands like Ibiza are popular for their nightlife but it’s quieter neighbour Mallorca also called Majorca is where you can rub shoulders with A-listers.

Granada and  Cordoba appeal with their Moorish charm where as Ronda, Grazelema etc with their small village appeal. The north of Spain with cities like Bilbao is known for its Gastronomy scene and national parks like Los Picos dos Europa are relatively under explored by Indian tourists. All in all, September is the ideal month to visit Spain.

Spain Weather in September

Most popular destinations across Spain have highs of 26-28°C and lows of 15 to 18°C. The probability of rain is generally low, it does increase near the end of the month, particularly in northern Spain. It's a great time to experience both budget-friendly travel and fabulous weather.

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15 to 28°C
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Our Favorite Spain Experiences in month

Majorca, Spain’s best kept Secret

Majorca or Mallorca as it’s often called is one of the three Baleric islands. While its neighbor Ibiza, even though smaller tends to draw more crowds and is known as the party- island, Majorca is where you can rub shoulders with celebs. With many upscale and discreet resorts like Belomond de Residencia, Cap Rocat, etc Majorca is known as a preferred playground of the rich and famous.

Participate in a Festival

Spain is known for its many lively and colorful festivals and some of the best festivals are celebrated in September. Play holi with wine in Roija at the Wine harvest festival or  dance away at La Merce which is Barcelona’s biggest festival. Make it a week early to catch the Tomatina Festival generally held on last Wednesday of August. The celebrations in September are endless and we can find you one just to your taste.

Take a Flamenco Lesson

Flamenco is a fun dance form often performed in Southern Spain, accompanied with music, wine and food it makes for a fun evening. But what is even more fun than witnessing a Flamenco performance is learning the dance form. During the summer months short Flamenco lessons are offered for tourists. We would recommend a lesson in Madrid’s classy studios, Seville’s taverns or Granada’s cave studios!

Explore the Andalusian Cave dwellings

The Andalusian coast has many natural caves as the regions topography is mainly formed by Limestone Mountains and the coast. Natural caves formed over millennia with astounding stalagmite and stalactite formations are open for tourists to explore but what is really fascinating are the cave dwelling and houses. Today many of these cave houses have been converted to cave hotels, a must-try experience. Some have been converted to restaurants, bars, wine cellars and even performance studios. Besides the novelty, its helps escape summer heat and winter cold, so these make for very sustainable living.

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