Kenya, Africa

Kenya: Into the wild!

Kenya is renowned as one of the top wildlife destinations in the world and rightly so! July in Kenya forms the background for the Great Migration where one can see thousands of wildebeest, antelopes, zebras and many other animals migrate together in search for water and food. Obviously the predators follow making this a ‘bucket list’ experience.

Kenya, Africa
Masai Mara , Nairobi , Diani ,
Great Migration , bucketlist’ , wildlife, Mount Kenya, Lake Bogoria, Lew Wildlife conservancy

Why visit Kenya in July?

Masai Mara in Kenya is where the Great Migration happens in July, making it the most popular destination in Kenya. But Kenya is not a one trick horse! There is more to it than wildlife. The coast offers beautiful beaches and fantastic scuba diving and snorkeling. There are islands to be explored and sailing on a traditional dhow is an experience not to be missed. Then there are the mountains. Once can opt to climb Mount Kenya, a snow cloaked equatorial peak on a 4 to 7 day hike depending on the route you pick.

The capital city of Nairobi offers a vibrant culture and fantastic nightlife. It offers visitors national parks, gardens, churches, museums and fantastic souvenirs. Besides the Masai Mara there are other national parks to explore as well and many other wildlife related experiences.

Kenya Weather in July

July in Kenya falls in the dry season. This means minimal rain and temperatures around 23°C in places with higher altitude like Masai Mara and around 28°C around the coast.

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23°C - 28°C
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Our Favorite Kenya Experiences in July

The Great Migration at Masai Mara

A phenomena where you will see thousands of Zebra, Gazelles and Wildebeast migrate from Serengeti to Masai Mara escaping the predators that follow. This is one of those travel experiences that leaves an impression and changes you for life!

Summit Mt. Kenya

Besides wildlife Kenya offers you a chance to enjoy an active holiday. Its possible to climb Mt. Kenya, a snow capped equatorial peak even if you aren’t a mountaineer. There are different routes and options depending on the difficulty level you prefer.

Enjoy the coast at Diani

Diani offers powder white beaches and azure waters. This is Indian Ocean paradise and where we recommend a few relaxing days.

See Flamingos at Lake Bogoria

Once these birds preferred neighboring Lake Nakuru but high water levels there made conditions unfavorable for Flamingos which can now be seen at Lake Bogoria almost throughout the year.

Lew Wildlife conservancy

A model example for wildlife conservation and sustainable tourism that supports nature and community. It shot to when Britain's Prince William proposed to Catherine Middleton here in 2010.

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