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Swedish Lapland: For endless summer nights

Stockholm in Sweden is a popular city to visit in Europe and during the winter months even the Swedish Lapland see many international tourists chasing the elusive Aurora Borealis. But few explore the Swedish Lapland in summer. Read on to know why you must visit the idyllic landscape of Swedish Lapland in July.

Sweden, Europe
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Why visit the Swedish Lapland in July?

The summer months are when the landscape of coniferous trees, tranquil lakes and gushing rivers dotted with tiny villages really comes to life. Instead of the marvelous phenomena of Northern lights one see the equally enthralling phenomena of the midnight sun where the sun never sets but instead dips at the horizon to rise immediately.

These endless hours of sunlight offer endless activities; Hiking, biking, swimming, island hopping, water activities on the lakes and rivers, foraging for berries in the wild and so much more. If nature and outdoors is your idea of a good holiday then the Swedish Lapland is for you!

There are fantastic campsites and marvelous accommodation options like the Treehotel in Lulea or the Ice hotel in Kiruna which now offers rooms made of snow and ice 365 days a year!

The region also sees many music festivals and food fiestas. The Sami culture really comes to life in summer and so does the wildlife.

Swedish Lapland Weather in July

The average temperature in the Swedish Lapland in July is around 10°C with highs of about 18°C and lows of about 6°C. Daylight hours are almost all 24 hrs and rainfall can be expected on almost 16 days of the month amounting to about 42 mm. The weather is ideal for outdoor activities.

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Our Favorite Swedish Lapland Experiences in July

Stay at the Icehotel in jukkasjärvi

Considered the world’s first and biggest hotel made from ice, The Ice Hotel now offers a chance to sleep in snow/ice rooms all year round. From regular rooms to art suites where ice sculptures are crafted by world renowned artists, come experience a night of sleeping on and surrounded by ice! The hotel even offers an ice art exhibit and an ice bar.

Midnight Sun Phenomena

Its truly a magical sight to see the sun just touch the horizon and rise again. This can be see only for a limited time in a few place in the world. July in Swedish Lapland is one such magical time.

Exploring the Lulea Archipelago

While most tourists have heard of Kiruna and Abisko few venture to Lulea. Lulea offers many small islands which one can easily explore in summer. Instead of traditional island hopping opt for a kayak exploration. Lulea also offers many campsites and the insta-worthy Tree Hotel here should definitely be on your travel bucket list.

Adventure activities

Opt to hike, bike or go river rafting. The Lapland offers many mountains and caves to explore as well. Kayking on the rivers and lakes is also a pleasant sport here. Fishing is quite popular too.


The Swedish Lapland abounds in many fresh water fish and caviar from an indigenous fish called Löja is very popular and equally delicious. The region also offers you a chance to enjoy picking berries in the wild. Here you can dine on reindeer, moose and even brown bear!

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