United Kingdom, Europe

United Kingdom: A fairytale escape!

Most people think of London when they hear UK or United Kingdom. Well before we tell you why it’s a great idea to visit this amazing place in July let us clarify UK or United Kingdom is made up of Great Britain, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. So you can easily spend a few days in UK every July and still have something new to do each time you visit!

United Kingdom, Europe
Great Britain, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, Wales, Scilly
The Lake District, the Cornwall coast, Snowdonia National park, the Cotswold

Why visit the United Kingdom in July?

The weather in UK can be pretty dramatic and summer is the best time to be able to travel and explore the lovely outdoors of the country. It is also peak season which means a lot of tourists and planning in advance to get good accommodation and prices but it also means the smaller sleepier towns and villages come to life with locals and tourists both enjoying the fair weather and joyous summer vibe.

Many small and quaint places in the United Kingdom survive on tourism and going at peak of summer means you will get to enjoy the place at its most vibrant. While we recommend avoiding big cities like London at peak summer times because of the mad lines at monuments, places like Cotswold water park and Snowdonia are best enjoyed in Summer.

July also sees many festivals, events and concerts throughout UK. It is a great time to explore the National Parks and enjoy activities like hiking, biking, climbing etc. All in all there is always a castle or a lord’s mansion, a small charming village and blooming country side to explore, almost straight out of a fairytale. But it being UK always go prepared for rain because what is a good fairytale without some drama, which in the United Kingdom is often provided by the weather!

United Kingdom Weather in July:

July in United Kingdom is summer. While the smaller islands and some place may have micro climates expect long days. Sunshine in UK is never guaranteed and it rains almost every day but summer month of July sees limited showers and a promise of perfect holiday weather. A light jacket and an umbrella is however mandatory when one travels to UK.

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Our Favorite United Kingdom Experiences in July

Explore Wales

Our favorite is the Snowdonia National park which is a heaven for adventure enthusiasts and families alike. There is a whole network of caves here converted to anunderground playground of nets and ziplines very popular with families. The Snowdon Mountain here is the tallest in all of England and Wales and if you don’t fancy a hike try the railway that takes you to the top. There are castles, the coast and beautiful fishing villages, national parks, beaches and fantastic cities like Cardiff waiting to be explored.

Take a Road Trip

While the train network in UK is fantastic the smaller villages and certain regions are best explored by car. The Lake District, the Cornwall coast, Snowdonia National park, the Cotswold etc are beautiful regions that don’t have extensive public transport and driving lets you explore these gems at one’s own pace.

Cotswold villages and Water Park

Many visit the quaint villages of Cotswold on a daytrip from London, Bath or Oxford but stay a night or two and enjoy the calm once the day trippers leave. The Cotswold water park is a fantastic place in summers with its labyrinth of small lakes offering fun activities for couples and families alike.

Island Hopping and Whiskey tasting in Scotland

While the highlands and lochs of Scotland feature on most Scotland itineraries many of the smaller islands are often overlooked. Explore the smaller Isles around Isle of Skye like Isle of Mull, Islay, Jura or head north to the Orkney and Shetlands to really escape the crowds. Some of these remote isles have the best whiskey distilleries.

Scilly, Britain’s almost tropical Islands

2 hours by boat from the coast of Cornwall these isles are almost tropical thanks to the warm Gulf Stream. The water looks more Caribbean than Cornish and the sand more tropical. The archipelago consists of over 140 islands with only 5 inhibited. The islands are a great place to explore with fantastic beaches, wildlife, history and food.  Swim with seals and kayak to see whales and dolphins, snorkel to discover amazing marine life, few know about these gems and its possible to go for hours before coming across another human being.

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