Antarctica + Argentina

Antarctica + Argentina

Antarctica + Argentina

Antarctica, Argentina
Antarctica, South America
Beunos Aires, Mendoza, Ushuaia, El Calafate
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Antarctica belongs on the ‘Places to visit before you die’ bucketlist. Over the years a visit to the 7th continent has started becoming more and more affordable. Even today it will cost you a pretty penny but atleast it’s achievable in terms of time and money. 

Now you won’t need to go on a month long expedition to see Antarctica. There are options to visit from Argentina and Chile in South America as well as more expensive options from South Africa and very long cumbersome ones from New Zealand. For this reason Argentina remains the top country with which to combine Antarctica. 

You can fly to Antarctica from the capital of Buenos Aires or southern most town of Ushuaia or hop on a cruise to reach the white continent. But if you think Antarctica would be the only highlight of this trip you are gravely mistaken. Argentina is a big country and it even impresses one in a big way. In the north the majestic Iguazu Waterfalls leave one in awe. Then there are colonial towns like Cordoba with a hip nightlife and wine towns like Mendoza to be explored. The Capital city of Buenos Aries is colorful and fun with many ranches around for day visits. Then there are places like El Calafate and Bariloche where nature rules supreme and the wild beauty of the National parks and landscapes here is unforgettable. 

Rest assured this combo itinerary is one you will never forget. It leaves an impression on your mind and soul.

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Why does this combo work?
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Ease of connectivity. Buenos Aries is very well connected with rest of the world and internally in Argentina. The internal flights are very affordable and frequent.
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This trip becomes a ‘many of firsts’. You end up seeing one of the biggest tropical waterfalls like Iguazu to the biggest ice shelf in the world of Antarctica. You will experience warm tropical climate to really cold sub zero weather.
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You see nature at its most undisturbed on this itinerary, be it the Antarctic or the Perito Marino National Park and The Glacier National Parks of Argentina.
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It is now possible to plan all kinds of trips to this combo, be it uber-luxury escapades or budget expeditions. A very active itinerary or a very relaxed one. This means this combo is a great choice for groups or families with varied interests and age profile.
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The combination can also be planned as a quick trip with just a few days in Buenos Aries and a fly in and out combo to Antarctica or a much longer itinerary that explores the country and includes a sailing to Antarctica with stops at various remote island groups like the South Orkney and the Falkland islands.
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The wildlife you will see on this trip is unparalled especially when sailing from Ushuaia to Antarctica.
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