Finland + Estonia + St Petersburg

Finland + Estonia + St Petersburg

Finland + Estonia + St Petersburg

Europe, Asia
Finland + Estonia, Russia
Helinski, Talinn, St. Petersburg
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One of our favourite combo-itinerary, it works great in summer and winter. In winter you explore the Finnish Lapland and all the exciting winter activities it offers like northern light tours, husky do sledging, frozen waterfall climbs, visit to Santa Claus and the arctic circle etc and then you hop onto Tallinn in Estonia for a fairytale experience. The small town looks like it popped out of a fairytale book and is a beautiful mix of old and new. Explore the bogs and forests of Estonia on jeep tours and horseback and next its time to sail to St. Petersburg, that too without a Russian visa!

Yes we offer special cruises that let you spend upto 72 hrs in St. Petersburg without having to apply for a Russian visa. The city is amazing and St. Petersburg in winter looks like a scene out of a James Bond movie, all exotic and exciting. 

Come summer and we replace the Finnish Lapland with the Finnish Lakelands. This region is a nature lover’s delight. Hike the forests, forage and collect wild berries, mushrooms and herbs to your hearts content, swim in the lakes and enjoy sauna all while living in tiny lakeside cottages or cabins. The lakelands also make for a wonderful self-drive itinerary. 

Our favourite time to go is March when you can easily see the Finnish Lapland in all its glory with winter activities, Estonia is experiencing a transition between winter and Spring and the cruise to St. Petersburg offers some amazing landscapes and the city is at its best without the summer tourist crowds. 

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Why does this combo work?
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You get to see 3 beautiful countries with a minimal cost of internal travel and minimal travel time
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The change in countries also results in a change in landscape, feel, culture and architecture offering you fantastic varied experiences.
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Get only a multiple entry Schengen visa and that its!
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Estonia is a small country and best paired with a bigger country and seeing it with Finland and St. Petersburg really makes sense rather than seeing it with its Baltic neighbours which tend to be similar.
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You can easily just do a one week itinerary and still see all 3 places really well, though we recommend a bit longer itinerary to enjoy the places at a more leisurely pace.
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