Mexico + New York

Mexico + New York

Mexico + New York (the State) in Fall

North America
USA, Mexico
Mexico, Mexico City, Cancun, Playa del Carmen
USA, Mexico, Mexico City, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, beach, party, history, ruins, Mayan, clubs, diving, snorkelling, New York, countryside, road trip, combo itineraries

This is by far our favourite USA itinerary. There is nothing as magical as the State of New York, Vermont and New Hampshire in Autumn or fall. The weather is perfect for hot chocolates, cosy sweaters and warm boots. And if that is not enough for great holiday pictures imagine a background of trees bursting with yellows, orange and reds!

We strongly recommend a road trip starting from New York city which is easy to get to with fantastic flight connectivity across the globe. The state of New York has fantastic national parks to explore like Finger Lakes National Park and Letchworth state National Park known as the Grand Canyon of the East. The state also has a budding wine region with romantic bed & breakfasts to spend a night, ours had views of the lakes and a private waterfall! World famous places like the Niagara falls and the great lakes of Usa border the state.

You can even venture into neighbouring states like Vermont and New Hampshire for not just the beautiful mountains and lakes but even tax fee shopping outlets!

Next hop on a flight to Mexico which is perfect in the fall season, especially in November. The rain and hurricane season both end by then and it is also festival time.  Infact 2nd October is the Day of the Dead as seen in movies like Coco and James Bond movie Spectre. It’s a day of parades, celebrations and a not to be missed experience! From the cool crisp weather of New York state you will be enjoying bikini weather in Mexico and even here the evenings become pleasant.

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Why does this combo work?
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You don’t need a separate visa to visit Mexico, it can be done with your valid USA visa
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The flight connectivity is great and not too expensive
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It’s the best time to visit both these places with great weather, lesser crowds and amazing festivals and experiences.
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You see two very diverse landscapes and geographic regions
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You have a well rounded travel experience of a exploratory roadtrip + relaxing beach holiday + a vibrant city getaway!
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