Balkan Croatia + Alpine Slovenia

Balkan Croatia + Alpine Slovenia

Balkan Croatia + Alpine Slovenia

Croatia, Slovenia
Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Split, Hvar, Pula, zadr
Ljubljana, slovenia, lake bled, julian alps, hiking, kayaking, soca river, adventure, family friendly, kids holiday, romance, romantic, honeymoon, anniversary, scenic, europe, road trip, party, yachts, yachting, croatia, dubrovik, game of thrones tour, music festivals, combo itineraries, road trip, island,

This is another combo of two countries that complement each other like strawberries and cream. The very Balkan coat of Croatia makes for such a beautiful contrast to the Julian Alps of Slovenia. We absolutely love making itineraries combining these two beautiful countries. 

You enjoy the coastal towns with medieval forts and very Mediterranean islands in Croatia and then you experience the very Northern European towns and alpine country of Slovenia. While the influence of Italy can be seen in both these countries, Slovenia feels like an extension of Austria and its snow covered peaks while Croatia feels like an extension of Greece. 

The countries also abound in other geographic features like the beautiful Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia to the krast region with beautiful caves like Postonja and Skokjan caves in Slovenia. While island hopping is a must-do in Croatia, vineyard visits and wine tastings are a pleasure in Slovenia. 

The best part about this combo is that both the countries are so good at what they offer! While one can easily say that Croatia’s coast and islands are one of the best in Europe the beauty of the Julian Alps and the Triglav National Park in Slovenia is also incomparable.

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Why does this combo work?
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Unfortunately Croatia is still on the waitlist to be Schengen country but if you get a Multi entry Schengen visa for Slovenia you don’t need to apply for a Croatian visa.
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The border crossing between the two countries is very easy and seamless.
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You can enjoy a perfect day of sea and the mountains like we did. In the morning you are enjoying a dip in the sea and a brunch on the beach, you drive a few kilometres at voila you are in the Alps with.
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You get to experience the best beaches, mountains and some of the most quaint villages and towns of Europe.
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From sea adventures and watersports to alpine adventures, you have an array of activities to pick from.
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You will end up ticking off bucketlist worthy places like Plitvice Lakes National Park to kayaking on the bluest river – Soca.
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This itinerary can easily win the most instagramable itinerary award.

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